Week of May 25, 2015


We enter Neptune’s fogbank this week where it will be quite challenging to discern what is real and what is not. Neptune is squaring all the planets currently in Gemini starting with Mars on Monday and ending the week with Mercury and the Sun. Words are going to get very, very slippery. People may say one thing while thinking something quite different. Reality will gradually return the following week. Please be careful what you commit yourself to and what you put into writing!

Neptune can have a debilitating effect on Mars so when those two are square Monday evening, giving up and going to bed early may be best. If you are driving home after work or a long weekend, make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Stay focused to avoid doing anything that distracts your attention from your driving. That includes all Gemini activities like talking or texting, and Neptune activities like using drugs and alcohol. Loud music can be very distracting too.

Our words may take on sharp edges Wednesday when Mercury conjoins Mars in Gemini. People can talk and talk and talk under this influence. Witty remarks designed to cut deeply are common too. Laugh with your friends and family, not at them. Use this incisive aspect to discern the truth for everyone’s benefit, not for denigrating others.

When Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on Friday for the second time, it will be retrograde and, unlike the first Mercury-Neptune square on May 9, Pluto will be the only planet in earth. On May 9 there were four planets in earth – the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. All the solid, practical earth energy kept the damage from the little white lies to a minimum. Earth only believes in what it can absorb through the physical senses. This weekend there is little to rein in Gemini’s wild imagination and ability to stretch the truth extremely thin except for a cynical Scorpio Moon and distant Pluto in Capricorn. Now that Saturn is in truth loving Sagittarius, karma for playing fast and loose with the truth will very likely come back to bite us sooner than later. Being honest matters!

Saturday the Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury in Gemini while both are square to Neptune. We may believe our thought processes are functioning just fine when the reality is something quite different. Conversations could be very circuitous, leading nowhere over the weekend. Looking back may work out better than attempting to project ahead.

Monday is the day Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries and those who put their lovers on a guilt trip last week may find themselves all alone. Uranus in Aries can give anyone a backbone and demand they stand up for themselves . . . even conciliatory Venus in Cancer who sincerely wishes to make those she loves happy. Thankfully we will have an opportunity to make sincere apologies on Wednesday when Venus in Cancer is trine Chiron in Pisces. It is as important to graciously accept those apologies as it was for them to be offered. Love flourishes when well watered with acceptance and forgiveness.

Luna travels through quiet, practical Virgo from Monday until Wednesday afternoon and those days look the best for handling detail oriented tasks. Then she shifts into airy Libra for the remainder of the work week, expanding the amount of air which allows for a better perspective. Very early Saturday morning the Moon dives into Scorpio’s deep waters for the rest of the weekend which suggests time spent in solitude can be refreshing. This week’s cardinal crunch comes late Thursday night and early Friday morning. Now there is eight hours between the time the Libra Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and when it opposes Uranus in Aries. What this says is there is more time to recover our equilibrium between the two events.

If you can hold off on making important decisions this week, it might be best. I know life doesn’t always allow us that luxury and in that case, do your very best to get second and third opinions from neutral parties. Libra says the wisest decisions are those made based on good, solid information.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT. 

Image: Gemini © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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