New Moon in Cancer, July 15, 2015


Another emotionally charged lunation coming up! It is the New Moon at 23° 14′ Cancer on 15 July 2015, 06:24 PM PDT. Uranus in Aries squares the luminaries and Pluto in Capricorn is opposing a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer. Yikes!

Cancer can be so quiet and low key, it is easy to overlook the fact it is a cardinal sign but that isn’t going to be the case on this New Moon. Not only are there four planets in Cancer but the lunation chart as well is dominated by cardinal water. Crabs have wicked pincers and aren’t afraid to use them when they feel threatened, or in defense of their loved ones. Mars-Mercury conjunctions are noted for delivering verbal punches or wielding words like knives. Those on the receiving end may end up sliced and diced before they realize what happened. The opposition to Pluto only gives greater striking power and more hurtful edges. Neptune in Pisces widely aspects both ends of that opposition and that may be enough to blunt the worst of the attacks. If we are open to taking a more conciliatory position, the opportunity will probably be there to implement it.

Uranus in Aries square the Cancer New Moon has extreme reactions to feeling trapped and resentful written all over it. This aspect makes me think of animals caught in a trap and resorting to chewing an appendage off to get free. People may not even realize how much chaos they are leaving in their wake in their desire to leave . . . and, perhaps more to the point, they might not care. All they can see is an opportunity to get shut of a situation they find completely unbearable.

Conjunctions create pockets of power and there are two in addition to the Luminaries. Mercury and Mars are conjoined in Cancer, and Venus conjoins Jupiter in Leo. This time Venus and Jupiter in Leo are feeling much less support than on the Full Moon in Capricorn. Fire is in the minority now and Saturn in Scorpio’s heavy hand very effectively reins in Leo’s desire to live high and wide. No one has a tighter grip on the purse strings than Saturn. There is still some lingering benefit to Jupiter from a waning trine to Uranus in Aries but it is fading away.

Saturn in Scorpio is not always the bad guy and his trine to the Luminaries is an example of that. Scorpio and Cancer may not advertise it much but both signs are very good at being there for those in need of assistance. In Cancer’s case it is solidarity with family and this time Saturn in Scorpio is right there lending a helping hand. Ceres in Pisces is also trine the Cancer New Moon, adding more nurturing energy to the mix. Honoring our family traditions is part of this.

This Cancer New Moon has a decided bite to it. We may face many reminders of the fact no one can cause more pain than those who know us best . . . our families. However these are also the people who are most likely to love us, warts and all. If I may make a suggestion . . . forgo harsh words and be generous with loving actions. Sensitive water responds best to warm hugs from loving arms. The next best thing might be some of mom’s good home cooking!! 😀

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Crescent Moon © Dodg-e

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  1. My natal Venus and vesta involved. I’m already spinning my wheels in the 7th house. Feels like a full week.xoxox

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