Week of August 3, 2015

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Jupiter in Leo is exactly square Saturn in Scorpio Monday and sets the tone for the entire week because Mercury and Venus in Leo will also be squaring Saturn this week too. Leo-Scorpio standoffs can require delicate mediation since they are fixed signs and stubborn as all get out. Leo’s need for attention and a love of high living often come into direct conflict with Scorpio’s love of working behind the scenes and preference for a low key life style. Something else that creates problems for these two signs is Scorpio’s preference for maintaining their privacy . . . Leo sees that as being secretive. The contrast will be especially clear this coming week.

Venus is now retrograde in Leo and is feeling less shiny than usual. She does regain some of her oomph on Tuesday when she conjoins Jupiter but Saturn in Scorpio steps up the next day and dumps a cold dose of reality over her head. On Thursday, Venus conjoins Mercury in Leo and enjoys a few laughs before Saturn smacks Mercury down on Friday. Best thing to do is simply apply large doses of common sense and practice living within our means. This is a case of instant karma in action and Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

By the way, Mercury leaves fiery Leo for sensible Virgo on Friday. Mercury enjoys being in orderly Virgo and is considered one of Virgo’s rulers. Mercury in Virgo is very helpful for organizing files and doing all sorts of routine tasks that require concentration and attention to detail.

Mars is another planet changing signs this week. Following a very constructive trine to Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday, Mars will gain strength and visibility when he moves into Leo on Saturday. Fire signs agree with Mars, and in fixed Leo he gains endurance and durability. I recall reading somewhere Mars in Leo is also noted for bestowing a strong sex drive . . . fun fact of the week!

The Moon plays an important role this week because she will either be very supportive of the Leo planets or Saturn in Scorpio. On Monday she is still in dreamy Pisces and will fill in a Grand Trine in water with Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. One gold star for Saturn. Monday evening she enters fiery Aries and switches to the Leo side. Tuesday afternoon the Aries Moon will square Pluto though she won’t conjoin Uranus until early Wednesday morning. For most of Wednesday the Moon will cheerfully support Mercury and Venus in Leo though tempers could flare in the late afternoon when the Moon squares Mars in Cancer.

There will be a marked change in the atmosphere when the Taurus Moon shows up Wednesday night. Thursday the earth and water planets get on very well with the Taurus Moon but Friday all that changes. Friday evening features a Fixed T-Square with the Moon opposing Saturn in Scorpio and both squaring Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo . . . not a good date night. Saturday and Sunday the Moon will be bouncing around in Gemini. Saturday she will square Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, so please don’t believe everything people tell you. Sunday is by far the best day this entire week to enjoy social gatherings because the Gemini Moon will be having a grand time with all the Leo planets. Nice way to end a rather trying week.

With so much activity centered around Saturn at 28° Scorpio and Venus-Jupiter in Leo at 28°-29° plus two planets changing signs, this places a great deal of pressure now on those who have personal planets or Ascendant at 28°-29°. This is even more intense if those placements are in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). As one of those people, I have to admit I’m learning more than I’d like about grace under pressure. No better time to practice patience, tolerance and kindness!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo © Erebus Odora