Week of August 17, 2015

Another smoky sunrise

The last week of Leo Season is here and it ends on a more somber note than usual . . . Saturn in Scorpio squares the Leo Sun two days before the Sun enters Virgo. There is one bright spot this week and that is the second Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries on Wednesday at 20°, though the brilliance of this event will be diminished by Venus being retrograde.

The latter half of the week may find some people feeling somewhat unsettled and off balance due to a couple of inconjuncts. Mercury in Virgo struggles with an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries on Thursday. This precise Mercury is not comfortable with sudden shifts in opinion because it prefers a tidy, logical approach to problem solving. On Saturday Mars in Leo is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mars-Neptune aspects seldom benefit Mars, often leaving him feeling listless and drained of vitality. Mars is always happiest with a clear path of attack and Neptune lives in the fog. The Mercury-Uranus inconjunct occurs at 20° and will affect those with personal planets from 19°-21° in both the mutable and cardinal signs. The Mars-Neptune inconjunct occurs at 8° and will impact those with personal planets from 7°-9° in the fixed and mutable signs.

The week’s lunar journey starts with a productive sextile between the Virgo Moon and Saturn in Scorpio Monday morning. After a brief void-of-course the Moon enters airy Libra that afternoon and restores our ability to see both sides again. During the night there is a sweet sextile between the Libra Moon and Mars in Leo with no other aspects of importance until late in the day Tuesday. The cardinal crunch effect is much reduced now with the square to Pluto Tuesday evening and the opposition to Uranus in Aries taking place first thing Wednesday morning. Wednesday’s lunar aspects are all improved by Libra’s ruler, Venus, making the trine to Uranus. By the time the Libra Moon goes void-of-course in the evening following a sextile to the Leo Sun, it marks the end of what will hopefully be a very pleasant day.

Very early Thursday the Scorpio Moon arrives on the scene. This intense, subtle Moon is supported by Jupiter in Virgo at dawn, starting the day on a quietly optimistic note. There is a brief surge of tension in the early evening when the Moon squares Mars in Leo before a trine to Neptune in Pisces soothes our jangled nerves enough for a good night’s sleep. Friday is the day the Leo Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio, and the Scorpio Moon adds insult to injury when she squares Venus in Leo around the same time that afternoon. Saturday the Scorpio Moon conjoins Saturn shortly before squaring the Leo Sun . . . the last aspect before going void-of-course midday.

Leos do catch one last break when the Moon enters fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, Saturday afternoon and there might be one last brief, bright moment of fiery goodness before the Sun leaves Leo for Virgo overnight. Sunday actually looks like a decent day to get out and play because the Sagittarius Moon meets up with Mars in Leo in the morning and Venus in Leo late that evening. Not a bad end to the week after all.

This week has a somewhat subdued feel to it. Venus in Leo is well into her retrograde period and the Leo Sun’s fire is more ash than flame. Leo Season this year had all the drama and excitement this outgoing fire sign could ask for but the resulting chaos in its wake will take some time to clear away. Thankfully the Virgo Sun can handle the job with help from Jupiter in Virgo starting next week allowing us to make a fresh start.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Diane Lang

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