Week of August 24, 2015


We waved goodbye to Leo for another year on Sunday and welcomed the Sun to industrious Virgo. Introverted folks everywhere give a huge sigh of relief when Virgo Season rolls around. Virgo is the only sign represented by a person and when she asks “how may I help you”, she means it from the bottom of her heart. Quietly effective, well organized and willing to do whatever is necessary to help are all descriptive of Virgo. Please welcome the clean up committee of the zodiac.

Two events occur on Wednesday involving planets in Virgo. The Virgo Sun conjoins Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo is sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. The Jupiter-Sun conjunction is our first big introduction to what we can expect over the next year with Jupiter in Virgo. Sun-Jupiter aspects are always upbeat though this one will be noticeably less dramatic than the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in bold, fiery Leo. This one is great for whistling while you work. If you have a big, detail rich project to tackle, use this energy to get it off to the right start. And the Mercury-Saturn sextile is the perfect supporting aspect because Saturn adds patience and tenacity.

On Thursday air signs everywhere, including myself, will be saying thank you because Mercury moves into Libra where it will remain until November. Yes, that means there is a Mercury retrograde looming on the horizon but for now it is enough to enjoy having Mercury in air; ready to help us see both sides of the issue and gain some much needed perspective.

The weekend brings us the dreamy Full Moon in Pisces, and a challenging aspect for Mars in Leo . . . an inconjunct to controlling Pluto in Capricorn. One of the signatures of this Full Moon is all the personal planets are aspected by outer planets which can leave us feeling something outside of ourselves in running the show. Pluto in Capricorn is determined to show Mars in Leo who is really in control, and for those with personal planets at 13° in the fixed and cardinal signs this message may be very noticeable.

The week gets off on a positive note with a breezy Sagittarius Moon. A late afternoon square to Mercury in Virgo is the last aspect before the Moon goes void-of-course. Don’t get in such a hurry you fall over your feet running out the door. During the night the Moon enters hard working Capricorn, and when she connects with the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo during the day, we can be inspired to put forth our best efforts.

The cardinal crunch effect begins with the Moon conjoining Pluto in the evening with a long delay before she squares Uranus in Aries the following morning. Wednesday is a solidly productive day despite the distractions Uranus wants to inject. Thursday morning we wake up the Moon in Aquarius and once she gets past some awkward encounters with the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo early that morning, the day smooths out. Friday looks very benign with only two positive aspects for the Aquarius Moon.

The entire weekend finds the Moon in sensitive Pisces and as she dances with the Virgo planets and Neptune, her mutable side will be strong indeed. Remaining open and flexible is the key to enjoying the weekend.

We find ourselves in mutable territory this week and hopefully this change will allow people to be more adaptable. The overall energy is much lower key and oriented towards the practical. It is much easier to be present in the moment, a much healthier place to live than dashing from crisis to crisis.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Virgo © Laura Ashford – FineArt