Week of August 31, 2015

black eyed susans 522

Lovely Venus stars this week as she slows to finally station direct on Sunday, September 6, at 14° Leo. Venus will reach her station degree on Tuesday and remain there until September 12. Love and money issues are highlighted this week, for better or worse. Don’t expect much movement in either area until Venus has cleared her station degree. I know I’m curious to see what starts to pop in the days following Venus’s return to forward motion.

Mars in Leo conjoins Venus on Monday and passions can run hot. Fiery Leo loves big, bold romantic gestures. If your lover gives you flowers, they will probably be brilliant, warm colors in an extravagant bouquet. Since Venus is still retrograde when these two conjoin, the big night out or expensive gifts might be a last ditch effort to keep the relationship alive. Keep in mind respect is very important to fire signs and if they lose respect for someone, chances of keeping the relationship alive dim considerably.

One of the featured aspects on the Full Moon in Pisces was the Virgo Sun opposite Neptune in Pisces. That aspect is exact on Monday which leads me to believe the fallout from the Full Moon will still be occurring. Good time to “chop wood and carry water” . . . in other words, do simple, repetitive tasks in order to stay focused in the now.

The Virgo Sun will regain purpose and clarity through a trine to Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday at 13°. It is a great opportunity to drill down on a serious project that requires intense concentration and in depth research. The results will probably be clean, precise and extremely workable.

Poor Mercury in Libra loses its sense of balance on Thursday when Neptune in Pisces blurs reality via an inconjunct. In an effort to be fair to someone, we may end up being taken advantage of, so please be very careful about making promises or signing contracts mid-week.

There is nothing like an Aries Moon to kick-start the week, though this Moon’s bright shiny outlook could be tarnished by impatience when the Virgo planets insist on going over every detail. Tuesday has the fieriest punch when the Aries Moon conjoins Uranus before going void-of-course midday. It won’t be until early Wednesday morning before the Moon ambles into Taurus for a couple of days. The nicest part about that is the Grand Trine in earth (Taurus Moon, Virgo Sun and Pluto in Cappy). Great time to have a massage or visit your banker! Mundane matters are bound to run more smoothly on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday and Saturday the Moon is in edgy Gemini, adding enough air to bring the elements back into balance once more. Both days are good for getting together with others for business or pleasure. Saturday looks the best for social gatherings and spontaneous fun. Sunday the Moon shifts into Cancer and puttering around home is favored.

On the whole the energy is softer and less contentious this week. Communications may go sideways and the fewer expectations we have, the better. Take time to appreciate the small beauties each day. Peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Black-eyed Susans © Diane Lang


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