New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo, September 12, 2015

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My first thought when I looked at this New Moon Solar Eclipse was “ouch”, and it had to do with the New Moon at 20° 10′ Pisces on 12 September 2015, 11:42 PM PDT opposing Chiron at 19° 10′ Pisces. The sensation could be likened to having a band-aid ripped off an old wound. Even though healing will follow, it still hurts like crazy when it is happening.

This is a complicated lunation with several different planetary agendas at work and often those agendas are at odds. The semi-sextile between Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces is involved with the luminaries as well as Venus and Mars in Leo. Hold on the knowledge the Virgo-Pisces axis has a strong association with health, well-being and compassion for the suffering.

The Uranus-Chiron situation boils down to self-centered behaviors are re-injuring old wounds . . . though of course it’s not that simple. Someone who desperately needs to break free of a situation that is crushing their spirit can draw on help from Uranus in order to succeed. In the process they are bound to become reacquainted with the reasons they were vulnerable in the first place. Is all of this going to be painful? Yes. Does it hold the possibility for real healing? Again, yes. Be brave!

Both Venus and Mars in Leo are trine Uranus in Aries (and inconjunct Chiron in Pisces). Venus is making applying aspects to both planets while Mars is moving away. This looks an awful lot like lessons in falling in love at first sight. It can be an amazing experience but there can be some unpleasant surprises too. Some will feel they have finally found their soul mate only to discover soul mate relationships are not always easy or pleasant.

On another track, Mercury in Libra makes a waning square to Pluto in Capricorn and is also sextile Venus in Leo. Perhaps Venus will come to Mercury’s aid and help find the right words to deliver the unpleasant news Pluto in Capricorn has dug up. Both love and money could be topics of discussion. I’m inclined to see the Mercury-Pluto square as delivering the hard truths no one wants to hear but absolutely needs to hear in order to move forward.

And then there is Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, exact on September 16. Talk about presenting us with opportunities for irrational exuberance! Even in earthy Virgo, Jupiter is still Mr. Optimist and only wants to see the up side. These two can inspire some amazing ideas and big plans but whether or not those come to fruition depends on what Saturn will have to say after it arrives in Sagittarius and moves to square both Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn catches up to Neptune on November 26, 2015 but won’t square Jupiter until March 23, 2016. During this lunation the greatest impact will be on those people with personal planets from 7° to 8° in the mutable signs. Marvelous influence for grand schemes and beautiful dreams . . .

Dour Saturn is stalking towards the end of his stay in Scorpio which will conclude on September 17. He is an observer rather than a participant on this New Moon, though if you have planets at 29° natally, you may feel weighed down by unending responsibilities.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo will probably be more of a sneak attack than an outright assault. Mutable Virgo prefers to use quiet persuasion to get us to change our ways. Virgo has a solitary side and one of the best ways to celebrate this New Moon is by spending time alone, preferably in a natural setting. Volunteering at your local arboretum or spending time weeding your own garden are a couple of ideas. Simple, repetitive physical work is an excellent antidote for emotional angst as any card carrying Virgo can tell you.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Illustration for The New Moon by Shirley Kite


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  1. With a stelliam in Pisces in the 12th at 20 degrees (venus, Mars, North node) Jupiter 16 degrees in conjunct neptune and Pluto…well I am feeling the press and pull and am observing the “operation”

    Today is just Friday…

    Good article you have here. Thanks for the insights.

    Peace presence
    Jamila Marilyn

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