Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries, September 27, 2015

harvest moon

There is nothing quiet or restrained about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4° 40′ Aries 27, September 2015, 7:51 PM PDT. We’re in cardinal territory now! Nonetheless there is a nice balance in this chart between hard aspects and flowing ones, something Libra approves of.

The luminaries have Saturn in Sagittarius to thank for creating sensible boundaries and promoting responsible behaviors. Saturn gently constrains the Aries Moon-South Node conjunction via a trine and encourages us to consider cooperation instead of confrontation. Saturn’s sextile to the Libra Sun-North Node speaks of teaching us to use moderation and compromise to achieve our goals.

Aries’ ruler, Mars, gets the short end of the stick this time around. Mars is now in Virgo where it is less effective than it was in fiery Leo. Mars is further hampered by a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, an inconjunct to the Aries Moon, and an awkward semi-sextile to the Libra Sun. The best path to success under these conditions is to have a clear plan and stick to it. Virgo’s attention to detail means a great deal of time can be spent on the little things while losing track of the big picture. Remind yourself not to fret the small stuff before proceeding with all due care.

In contrast to the problems Mars is having, Venus, Libra’s ruler, enjoys a lovely trine to Uranus in Aries. She is happily coming up with creative ways to spread peace and love. Venus in Leo’s natural flamboyance and glamour is enhanced by her association with this fiery Uranus. The three times Venus in Leo was trine Uranus in Aries were the best part of her retrograde period.

One of the more painful aspects is retrograde Mercury in Libra’s square to Pluto in Capricorn. It made the second exact square on Thursday, September 24 and by the Full Moon it is waning. Nonetheless this is a very powerful aspect that may expose some uncomfortable information, like it or not. Mercury-Pluto aspects can be likened to having Mercury in Scorpio with its capacity for digging deep to get at the truth. Lies, half-truths and evasions all feed the need to get to the bottom of what’s happening. The antidote is honesty, first with ourselves and then with others.

Mercury has problems as well with the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It is closely semi-sextile Jupiter in Virgo and inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is not the best combination for the type of critical thinking needed to make good decisions. It could bring out Libra’s indecisiveness big time. Use the time Mercury is retrograde to gather information and review it very carefully before taking the next step.

Jupiter’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces is waning but still active as Jupiter heads towards a potent trine to Pluto in Capricorn (exact October 11 at 13°). What comes to mind is there will be opportunities to manifest our dreams. Neptune’s dreams of a better world meet up with Pluto’s earthy practicality along with Jupiter’s optimistic attitude, and if we use this energy wisely we may finally make real progress towards building a better place for ourselves.

Between the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo and this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries, the past couple of weeks have been hectic. Now that the second eclipse is here, we may be able to see a reduction in tensions and less strife in our lives. I don’t know about the rest of you but I would love to see this come about!

The theme for this lunation is “make love, not war”. Seeking positive compromise in relationships rather than rushing into all out battle with our partners is supported because Venus is in ascendance rather than Mars. We can draw on the energy created by the hard aspects to make good use of the flowing aspects . . . it’s all about bringing our lives into balance. Remember this is a cardinal Full Moon and cardinal signs do love a challenge! Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Harvest Moon © Boodie