Week of October 12, 2015

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I like the looks of this week’s sky much better than last. We finally have an opportunity to make a fresh start with a lively New Moon in Libra on Monday. There is plenty of energy available to make things happen with Uranus in Aries opposing the luminaries, and a powerful earthy trine between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn to get us pointed in the right direction. The feeling of stagnation lifts this week!

The third and final sextile between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius is Tuesday. These sextiles were all that kept some of us sane during the recent Mercury retrograde. Saturn provides guidance and structure to this airy Mercury’s bright ideas. By the way, this is a great aspect for writers and artists because it offers some inspiration along with the necessary discipline to keep working on a regular basis.

Mars in Virgo takes its turn trine Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. Pluto gives this somewhat hesitant Mars the intestinal fortitude to take action and persevere. Since this is a trine it won’t be as demanding but for those who are busy getting their new project launched, it can be extremely useful.

This weekend two aspects to Neptune in Pisces can blur boundaries and do odd things for our love lives. On Friday night Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune and may cause us to project our idea of an ideal lover inappropriately. Be very choosy if you are out partying this weekend. Sunday Mercury in Libra is inconjunct Neptune, so not good for figuring who is being straightforward and honest, and who is lying through their teeth. This can be a fun weekend to play with fantasies as long as you are with someone you already know and trust. Otherwise be very, very cautious.

There is another aspect that could turn out to be trickier to handle than one would think. Mars conjoins Jupiter at 14° Virgo Saturday and generates powerful vital energies. Virgo has a strong drive to give others a helping hand and using this aspect in that way will be particularly rewarding. However it could mess things up because Jupiter’s tendency to overdo it can pressure Mars into taking too many risks and overextending himself. In other words, it will easy to over-schedule our activities and end up exhausted this weekend if we’re not careful.

Monday the usually peaceful Libra Moon is being wound up, in part because of the New Moon but also because she will square Pluto in Capricorn at dawn and oppose Uranus in Aries late afternoon. The tensions gradually ease overnight when the Moon is void-of-course until she dives into watery Scorpio Tuesday afternoon.

Don’t be too worried about this week’s Scorpio Moon either. The lunar aspects on Wednesday are about the most favorable all week. She is either sextile the earth planets or trine Neptune in Pisces. This should prove very emotional soothing while encouraging us to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. The Scorpio Moon goes void-of-course late Wednesday afternoon and won’t enter Sagittarius until before dawn Friday. The pragmatic, helpful trine between Mars and Pluto on Thursday will help keep everything running smoothly on Thursday.

The action picks up Friday with the adventurous Sagittarius Moon who will be only slightly flattened by Saturn in the morning. It is a mutable T-Square featuring the Moon and the Venus-Neptune opposition late afternoon that may lead us astray. Earlier this week when the Moon was in Scorpio, our intuition was working brilliantly . . . that will NOT be the case Friday. Exercise caution when interacting with strangers, especially if everyone is under the influence.

The urge to take a gamble or two on Saturday might be strong, and there could be a wild and crazy energy swirling around. The Sagittarius Moon squares Mars and Jupiter early and is trine Uranus in Aries that afternoon. Saturday is when Mars conjoins Jupiter too. Jupiter is not known for his restraint or cautiousness, and fire folk in particular could take too many chances. Apply liberal doses of moderation please.

Sunday is calmer under the void-of-course Moon until she arrives in Capricorn midday, after that we may be able to finally get ourselves organized enough to take care of our usual weekend chores. And give those who partied too much Friday and Saturday a chance to recover before Monday. 🙂

Most of this week looks quite favorable for getting new projects underway and taking advantage of the potent Libra New Moon’s willingness to give us a kick start. The atmosphere should be reasonably stable until Friday and Saturday. They are something else again. Have a great time but be careful out there!!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.