Full Moon in Taurus, October 27, 2015


Seems like I’ve spent so much time rattling on about fire and air lunations, it took awhile to register the fact this lunation is in good old unflappable Taurus! On October 27 at 05:05 AM PDT the Moon will be full at 03° 45′ Taurus with a nice compliment of supporting planets in Virgo and Capricorn. The elemental balance is tilted strongly to earth and water with only two planets in fire and one in air.

When the Moon is full in Scorpio in the spring time, we’re busy planting our gardens and getting the growing season off to a start. There is abundant greenery reaching for the sun and plenty of oxygen in the air. Now we’re moving from fall into winter and all the growth is moving underground where vegetation will be breaking down into fertilizer for the next cycle of growth. Scorpio is keenly aware of how life continually moves in cycles, in both large and small ways. This is a good time for paying attention to our own inner growth and development too.

Neptune in Pisces adds to the organic feel of this lunation. It is trine to the Scorpio Sun and sextile the Taurus Moon. Applying liberal doses of kindness and compassion is always the best way to resolve blockages and realize our full potential as human beings.

Saturn in Sagittarius attempts to add its input into the conversation with the luminaries via a semi-sextile to the Scorpio Sun and an inconjunct to the Taurus Moon. In this instance we can see how mutable Sagittarius dilutes Saturn’s strength when it comes up against two powerful fixed signs. Scorpio simply flows around the obstacle Saturn presents, and unflappable Taurus ignores him altogether. Saturn in Sagittarius’s virtues have to do with his ability take a philosophical stance for the greater good but he can also degenerate into a loud mouth blowhard who insists everyone follow his narrow belief system. Guess which one Neptune in Pisces will be willing to support.

One of the factors tipping the balance in favor of earth and water is a fabulous trine between powerful Pluto in Capricorn and the Virgo stellium (Jupiter, Venus and Mars). The three faster moving planets are pulling away and the positive impact is gradually fading but it is still at work helping us make sound financial decisions and choosing the best practical gifts ever. Something else this aspect brings is a sense of Uranus what it is possible to manifest and what is best set aside for now.

A less pleasant aspect to those Virgo planets is an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries. Mars has moved past but the Venus-Uranus inconjunct is exact on the Full Moon. The inconjunct between Jupiter and Uranus is waxing and will be exact on November 5. Rude, impatient behaviors are a probable source of difficulty. Virgo is exacting and seldom responds well to being rushed. If pushed too hard, Virgo is quite capable of either dumping too much unfiltered data on your desk or leaving a small, critical bit out. Either way leads to intense frustration. Make sure your requests for information are civil, thoughtful and without malice.

Uranus in Aries is the instigator in a waning opposition to Mercury in Libra. This opposition can produce brilliant, though slightly wacky, ideas or lead to chaotic thinking which goes nowhere. It also can place a great deal of stress on our nervous systems. How this plays out can depend on Mercury in Libra’s semi-sextile to Venus in Virgo and the fact those two planets are in mutual reception. I cannot stress enough the importance of using good manners and behaving with civility if you want to receive good information. Please! Thank you very much!!

In the final analysis it all comes back to the Full Moon being in Taurus . . . solid, stable, earthy Taurus who goes after his goals with patience and perseverance. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and is exceedingly comfortable there. This Full Moon signals a need to return to basics and become reacquainted with the pleasures of creature comforts like good food, leisurely strolls through natural settings and taking time to relax. The two recent eclipses were quite stressful and many of us can use some down time to heal, and that falls under Scorpio’s aegis as a healer of deep wounds. I’m calling an official “time out”! Have a great time celebrating this glorious Taurus Full Moon!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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