Week of November 30, 2015


We sail through most of this week with few major aspects but I doubt if it will be all that quiet. That’s because Mercury in vocal Sagittarius has the most aspects! It is trine Uranus in Aries and square Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday which sounds a lot like foot in mouth problems to me. The volume really cranks up on Friday when Mercury squares Jupiter in Virgo. All of this Mercury activity adds up to plenty of inspired ideas and freely expressed opinions plus a whole lot of assumptions being made based on very little information. The square to Jupiter is very likely to bring out Sagittarius’s tendency towards righteousness . . . not good.

On Friday, Venus leaves refined, airy Libra for fixed, pragmatic Scorpio. When it comes to financial matters, we may get our first reality check with the next one coming on December 9 when Mercury enters Capricorn. Matters of the heart get much more intense and emotionally rich with Venus in Scorpio. She is possessive, loyal and passionate as well as very selective about whom she gives her heart too.

Once Venus enters Scorpio she will be in Mutual Receptions with Mars in Libra but since both planets are in their detriment, the benefits may be muted. Love and romance in December might not be all that sweet.

Sunday brings two very different aspects involving Mars in Libra. Very early in the morning Mars is sextile the Sagittarius Sun and that afternoon Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn. The first aspect is great for getting our blood flowing and getting us out the door for some exercise. The Mars-Pluto square at 14° could resurrect control issues we thought we had put behind us months ago. At least this time Mars in Libra won’t be opposing Uranus in Aries at 16° until December 10, so we have a little time to get a handle on what the Mars-Pluto square unearths.

Starting off the week in Sagittarius Season with a fiery Leo Moon is great! We should have plenty of drive and energy to accomplish whatever is on our plates Monday, and Tuesday is much the same. We may not be all that clear about where we’re going but who cares? As long as we’re in motion and having some fun it’s all good.

Wednesday the Moon shifts into earthy, careful Virgo until Friday afternoon and conscientious Virgo will probably have a number of reminders about the practical matters that need our attention. Lots of us may end up feeling annoyed and maybe somewhat frustrated but nothing too serious. Lunar aspects ebb and flow quickly.

Friday night and Saturday look quite favorable for social activities of all kinds, perfect for kicking off the holiday party season. The cardinal crunch comes Saturday night and as long as everyone remembers to behave with civility all should be fine. Sunday brings the Mars-Pluto square and that could put a damper on the party spirit. Use the time to putter around the house, maybe put up a few lights and other holiday decorations.

Overall this looks to be a generally upbeat week with the exception of the waxing square between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. For those who have personal planets or an Ascendant at 14° in the cardinal signs, Pluto arrived at 14° on November 29 and is partile that degree in your natal chart until December 29. As Mars gradually gains on Pluto over the course of the week, it will bring increasing pressure to bear on existing fracture lines. When Mars opposes Uranus a few days later, all hell could break loose and cause lasting harm. For the most part, we could be revisiting issues originally brought to light in March-April 2014 under the Cardinal Grand Cross. Those who acknowledged those issues and have been doing the work necessary to resolve them may finally see some resolution in the weeks ahead.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sagittarius © Hans Peter Kolb


2 responses to “Week of November 30, 2015

  1. Is this the last of the cardinal crunch aspects Diane? Or are there more waiting in the wings? I’m reliving those painful and harmful transits, the same players although there is progress. The progress is only grasshoots at the moment and it feels all ‘snakes and ladders’, I worry it could all tumble.

    • Hi Jem!

      Is this the last of the cardinal crunch aspects Diane?

      Once Mars in Libra clears the opposition to Uranus next week, the most excitable part will be over. Mars will be moving into Scorpio on Jan 4, much more pragmatic and results oriented. We’ll have a brief go ’round in early Feb 2016 when Venus in Cappy conjoins Pluto but that won’t last long. After that Uranus pull away from Pluto for good.

      xoxoxo diane~

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