No More Mr. Nice Guy . . . Moon + Mars enter Scorpio today 1-3-2016


Plenty of people out there are going to give up the struggle to put a nice face on things today. First Mars, and then the Moon, leave polite Libra for pragmatic Scorpio this morning, ripping away fluffy facades to reveal the facts. Those who already live in Scorpio Land are going to say it’s about damn time to get down to the essentials and get to work. Brace yourselves!

We might as well get used to the Mars in Scorpio way of doing business because we’ll be seeing more of the powerful Mars than usual this year. Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius in April and back tracks into Scorpio in late May where he will remain until August. Yes, Mars will be retracing some of the same paths Saturn in Scorpio traveled last summer . . . fun times ahead.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Will You Marry Me © Anne Bachelier