Week of January 4, 2016

Bracing For the New Moon in Capricorn

I sure hope everyone had an easy time of it last week and are feeling rested because this week looks like a bumpy ride. Two planets are stationing retrograde this week, Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Virgo plus we have an exciting New Moon in Capricorn to look forward to on Saturday, January 9.

Mercury will be stationing retrograde on Tuesday at 1° Aquarius square to Mars in Scorpio which sounds like a whole lot of stubborn to me. Once people get an idea in their heads about something or someone, it will practically take an act of god to change it. The expression “learning things the hard way” applies to this situation and those lessons tend to be on the painful side. By Friday, Mercury will return to Capricorn and the tensions created by the square to Mars in Scorpio may begin to ease.

On Thursday Jupiter will be stationing retrograde at 23° Virgo trine Pallas in Capricorn. Pallas excels at seeing patterns and in Capricorn she is very good at spotting successful business models. Having Pallas on hand to ease Jupiter into reverse is a good sign we should be able to rectify mistakes made earlier and catch details we may have missed since mid-October 2015.

I almost hate to mention the fact the Capricorn Sun with be triggering the Uranus-Pluto square this week. The Sun-Pluto conjunction is Tuesday at 15° and the Sun-Uranus square is Thursday at 16°. We all know the drill by now and those of us with personal planets/Ascendant from 14° to 17° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) could end up dealing with yet another facet of the same stressful situations we’ve been living with the past year . . . again. *sigh*

We may have lessons this week on the value of things and relationships when Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune at 7° Pisces on Tuesday and conjoins Saturn at 12° Sagittarius on Friday. This will affect those who live on the extremes of Saturn (dourly pessimistic) and Neptune (living in an illusion). The rose colored glasses we are viewing life through early in week could get smashed towards the end. It might be a good idea to steer towards middle ground and do our best to avoid projecting expectations on people or problems. Strive for neutrality and moderation.

When I started contemplating what the Moon was doing this week, I realized how important it is to keep the other luminary in mind. When the Sun is in Capricorn as it is now, the times the Moon is in earth and water signs are more favorable than when she is in fire and air signs.

Monday is a good example of how the Capricorn Sun acts in support of the Scorpio Moon. The Moon is sextile to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn during the afternoon, and gets the business week off to a good start because this combination is very effective at getting things done.

We can be grateful the last aspect the Scorpio Moon makes Tuesday midday is an upbeat sextile to Jupiter in Virgo after which she goes void-of-course. That’s the day Mercury stations retrograde, Venus squares Neptune and the Sun conjoins Pluto!

Wednesday we wake up a fiery Sagittarius Moon. This is a Moon that always strives to see the bright side and when she taps into the Venus-Neptune square in the afternoon, we may be tempted to join her in la la land. An overnight conjunction to Saturn will sober her right up temporarily but on Thursday the desire to overreach strengthens again. Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter in Virgo, stations retrograde on Thursday while squaring the Moon.

On Friday, the Moon enters Capricorn in the morning shortly before Mercury slides back into Capricorn. The Moon is favorably sextile to Mars in Scorpio that afternoon and Neptune in Pisces during the night. All of this is very good for evaluating what we’ve accomplished over the past lunar month before the New Moon on Saturday.

Saturday is taken up with the Capricorn New Moon which balances the stress of the cardinal crunch with a great trine to Jupiter in Virgo. What all of this stirs up may lead to some interesting discussions on Sunday when the Moon conjoins Mercury in the morning. By midday the Moon transitions into detached, airy Aquarius where she will square off with Mars in Scorpio that evening. Bear in mind fixed sign quarrels tend to go nowhere and choose peace.

What occurred to me when I was contemplating this week was how important it is not to get ahead of ourselves. Capricorn excels at knowing what step to take next and the overall slowdown caused by both Mercury and Jupiter stationing requires patience to navigate successfully. Be kind, practice patience and plan for the occasional delay. Expect plenty of lessons in delayed gratification!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Diane Lang