Directionless Day – VOC Aquarius Moon shifting to mutable Pisces


Getting any kind of traction today may be tough. We start the day with a void-of-course Aquarius Moon and this afternoon the Moon slides into mutable Pisces who specializes in going with the flow. Since today’s brilliant Venus-Uranus aspect is an easygoing trine, there won’t be much pressure to do something coming from that direction either. Might as well relax and follow up with routine matters. It is a good day to come up with innovative ideas, just lacks energy to put those into practice . . . that comes later this week. ✨☾♒➱☾♓✨

Sometimes the Universe gives us a “time out” and that’s what today looks like. After so many weeks of intense pressure to do something, slowing down and taking it easy might not feel natural. Do it anyway. Take a page from our water sign friends and float along on the waves as they gently rise and fall. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Pisces