In Memory of David Bowie: Synastry with Iman



Years ago I wrote a brief post on the synastry of these two beautiful people. I did a little editing and am re-posting it in memory of an amazing, creative Capricorn, David Bowie and the happiness he found with his wonderful Leo wife, Iman.

David Bowie has been entertaining us for many years both as a musician and actor. His ability to periodically reinvent himself so successfully is shown in his chart by the connection from his powerful Capricorn Sun to the planet of eccentricity and electricity, Uranus. In the elegant Iman, David found the life partner he had been looking for. She has her Sun in vibrant, life affirming Leo, the sign of David’s Descendant. Her Sun is given an extra zing by Uranus and the ability to project that larger-than-life Leo energy by Jupiter, the master of amplification.

Their synastry shows David and Iman quite simply like each other and bring generosity and pleasure to each other’s lives. This comes from having an intra-aspect (same planets from both charts in aspect) with beneficent Jupiter showering the lovely Venus with affection. And Iman’s Jupiter in Leo is placed in David’s seventh house of partnerships bringing more optimism and enthusiasm to this pair. Of equal or greater importance are Iman’s Leo Sun, Jupiter and Mars surround David’s Descendant creating a strong, natural partnership for him.

When it comes to the chemistry between David and Iman, this area is golden for them too. David’s image of an ideal woman is one who is fiery and exotic, and who could fit that than better than lovely Leo, Iman, a native of Somalia. Iman’s Venus is placed in the deeply emotional sign of Cancer, complementing David’s powerful earthy Mars in Capricorn. They have the steady lasting sensuality of earth and water plus the sizzle of fire to keep their love life interesting.

Saturn, the planet that brings durability to relationships, is highlighted in their compatibility report by the positive connection to David and Iman’s Suns. Saturn and Mars from both charts aspect each other adding another layer of glue to their synastry. These two have been together since 1992 and their marriage has brought equilibrium into David Bowie’s life as well as a lovely, much loved daughter.