Comfortable Taurus Moon Day 1-17-2016

taurus_by_godofwar 511

It is a happy Taurus Moon today, surrounded by four planets in earth and two in water. All that fertile goodness! We’re much more aware than usual of our bodies and physical senses, all of which keeps us firmly in the now. Take a break from soul searching, thinking about “what ifs” and enjoy the moment. A late night square between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo could lead to overindulging and risky behaviors, so plan accordingly. Get comfortable! ✨☾♉✨

We can use a break from the stress created by the Capricorn planets triggering the Uranus-Pluto square. Last week it was the Sun and in the coming week, Mercury Rx in Capricorn hits it again for the second time. Thankfully both the Sun and Mercury move on quickly so the storminess looks to be brief but intense. After the Sun moves into Aquarius on Wednesday, we should begin to see a gradual easing of tensions related to the Uranus-Pluto square. *fingers crossed*

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Taurus © Gal Or