Week of February 8, 2016


When the New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Monday, it will send out ripples into the atmosphere like those created when we drop a rock into a still pond. It’s a very good thing almost all of the major aspects this week are harmonious because some of ripples could turn into big time swells!

Jupiter in Virgo figures prominently this week starting with a trine to Venus in Capricorn on Tuesday. When Venus and Jupiter are smiling sweetly at each other, people may either all in love all over again or smile all the way to the bank. Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs which suggest tangible rewards of some kind. Trines aren’t going to kick us out the door to vigorously pursue those rewards so it wouldn’t hurt to keep our eyes peeled for opportunities to receive them. Otherwise those could pass us right by.

Adding an edgy note this week is an inconjunct between Jupiter and the Aquarius Sun on Wednesday. While Jupiter would like to give the Sun a hand, he probably won’t know exactly what he needs to do because eccentric Aquarius baffles tidy minded Virgo. One possibility is to draw upon Aquarius’s gift for seeing the big picture while allowing Virgo to fill in the necessary details. The Sun and Jupiter tend towards optimism so we should probably be able to work something out.

On Saturday there is a sextile between Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter. This is a far more active aspect that may inspire us to sweat a little to achieve our goals. I like the sextile for striking a balance between the driving force of a square and very relaxed attitude of the trine. Good day to do something special in preparation for Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day . . . it actually looks quite fabulous this year! We have a waning sextile between Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio for passion along with a benevolent Grand Trine in Earth (Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn) in the sky. Nothing like a Taurus Moon to inspire giving the best tasting Valentine’s Day gifts ever! Choose tasteful treats that appeal to the physical senses like a foot massage, good chocolate, fragrant flowers or a really well prepared meal. Put some lightly scented candles out along with soft background music to set the scene, and enjoy a romantic moment with your lover.

On Saturday Mercury finally reaches 0° Aquarius, the degree it went retrograde in January and we can put the first Mercury retrograde of the year to rest. This shift means we have one more full time planet in air and Mercury in Aquarius brings a welcome note of objectivity. Here’s to less subjectivity and more objectivity!

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There are few things Aquarius loves more than to spring surprises on others in order to make them think, and that’s what the Aquarius New Moon does Monday. The New Moon also marks the Chinese New Year and it seems fitting we’re going into a mischievous monkey year under this exhilarating but fraught New Moon. After the New Moon is exact Monday morning, she goes void-of-course and won’t slip into soothing Pisces until midnight. Keep an eye out for opportunities popping up out of the blue on Monday.

After the Moon enters Pisces, she joins forces with Neptune late afternoon Tuesday and adds a pleasantly sympathetic feel to the atmosphere. Tuesday in general has a lovely, soothing healing energy, something all of us can benefit from.

Other than the monthly square to Saturn in Sagittarius during the night, the Pisces Moon continues to be a calming influence. She dances in harmony with Mars in Scorpio and all the planets in earth signs on Wednesday. Both Tuesday and Wednesday are very good for quiet conversations intended to mend fences and improve relationships.

The Aries Moon bursts on the scene before dawn Thursday and powers along making no aspects until after midnight. Take advantage of this “can do” Aries energy to lay the ground work for new directions in our lives. Do yourself a favor and choose to be physically active, playing with friends or going for a long walk in the fresh air.

We get our Aries cardinal crunch out of the way early Friday morning and it probably won’t be more than a few temporary fireworks. Aries tempers flare quickly and die down just as fast. For those stuck in an office, this could be a very long Friday due to the restless energy demanding to be used . . . NOW.

Early Saturday morning the Moon calmly ambles into earthy Taurus for what looks to be one of the better Valentine’s Day weekends we’ve had in awhile. The Taurus Moon is perfect for tangible expressions of love and affection. Take your Valentine out for a romantic candlelit dinner on Saturday evening when the Moon is sextile Neptune.

The genial atmosphere is even better on Sunday, Valentine’s Day. The Taurus Moon forms a Grand Trine in earth with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a great setup for proposing marriage, where we choose a formal commitment that usually results in the merging of personal property and possessions. Here’s wishing everyone a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.

moon phases 90x50

The Aquarius New Moon adds plenty of excitement at the start of this week but overall the atmosphere is far calmer and more conducive to healing strained nervous systems and tired bodies. Many of us are flat worn out from all angst created by the Uranus-Pluto square being triggered so many times since around Christmas. It’s time to give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy life for a change. Having both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius by the end of the week is perfect for looking at old problems in a new light.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aquarius © Kat Da Silva