Week of February 22, 2016


We start off this week with the Full Moon in Virgo, a lunation full of strange messages and conflicting opinions. Sorting out truth from fiction may take some doing but with Mercury in Aquarius in the spotlight this week, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on doing that.

Mercury in Aquarius does what Mercury loves to do best this week . . . carry messages! This time it is from Saturn in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries who are widely trine now. Mercury is sextile Saturn on Thursday and sextile Uranus on Friday. Thoughts, ideas and words flow freely, offering inspiration lightly grounded in reality. Those folks who are in the midst of brainstorming a new direction in their lives or their work can benefit greatly from these exchanges.

On Saturday Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter in Virgo and the messages coming through from this aspect may be blown out of proportion or focused on the wrong details. Aquarius and Virgo have to work very hard to come up with common ground, if they even can. Both can appreciate the other’s desire to work for the betterment of those in need but Aquarius tends to skim over the very details Virgo deems important.

Earlier in the week, Jupiter is involved in an opposition to Chiron in Pisces. In this instance, their goals are quite compatible because bringing help and healing to others is primary for both. Jupiter in Virgo brings an optimistic attitude with a touch of humor and Chiron in Pisces provides a gentle, compassionate awareness of what makes each of us vulnerable. If there are apologies to be made, this is a good time to do so.

Sunday we celebrate all things Pisces when the Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Boundaries will probably be softened and blurred but we may not know if this is for the best or not until later next week. Not a good time to promise someone the Moon and stars. Kick back, relax and put life on hold for a bit.

moon phases 90x50

Contemplate the beauty of the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday because it can help us reach for the stars while keeping our feet firmly planted on terra firma. The Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces overnight, offering us the possibility of sweet dreams. Tuesday morning Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Moon and that could jolt us right back into the real world. Later in the day aspects to Pluto in Cappy and Jupiter in Virgo get us back on track and focused on meeting work related goals.

Early Wednesday morning the Virgo Moon goes void-of-course following a productive sextile to Mars in Scorpio. It will be later afternoon before she enters equitable Libra where she will stay until early Saturday morning.

Thursday starts off with inconjuncts to the Sun and Neptune in Pisces but these should not prove overly disruptive because Libra and Pisces do share a deep appreciation for peace and harmony in their immediate environment. Later in the day a sweet trine between the Libra Moon and Venus in Aquarius adds a very pleasant note. This looks like it might be one of the easier going days this week.

The cardinal crunch aspects take place overnight in the Western Hemisphere and are broken up by the Libra Moon’s trine to Mercury in Aquarius. This suggests there might be opportunities to talk things out. Otherwise the Libra Moon is void-of-course from early Friday morning until twenty-four hours later on Saturday morning. Stick with the usual end of the week activities rather than attempting to get something new started.

We end up chin deep in water over the weekend with the Moon in Scorpio happily trine the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Other than a brief moment on Sunday morning when Venus in Aquarius squares the Moon, an aspect that has a possessiveness written all over it, the Scorpio Moon plays nice with earth planets and is in a very good mood. Don’t be surprised if spending time alone appeals this weekend. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed to recharge our batteries.

moon phases 90x50

We finally have a chance this week to contemplate what the past couple of weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon have brought into our lives. Change is always a part of life but sometimes it seems like those can pile up all at once. Now we can draw on the positive Mercury energy zipping about to come up with new options and talk over old ones. It is also the first full week of Pisces Season . . . sometimes it can be good to have the harsher elements in our lives blurred for awhile. Take some time for yourself if you need to. Let peace and kindness flow through your life.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Pisces © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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