Scorpio Moon sails free today 2-27-2016

Scorpio . . . still waters run deep

Scorpio Moon sails along with no interference until tonight when she embraces the Pisces Sun and Neptune. This is very much to this Moon’s liking. Not having to answer to anyone suits Scorpio quite well. Good day to putter around and work by one’s self. Plan low key social activities this weekend rather than big, noisy parties, or better yet, schedule those for another time. 🌠☽♏🌠

Jupiter in Virgo is busy frustrating Mercury in Aquarius today by insisting on focusing on the wrong bits of data. Aquarius is far better at reviewing the whole situation and is baffled when Virgo latches on to what Aquarius considers to be a minor detail. This hits those with personal planets at 19° in fixed and mutable signs hardest.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  © Born |


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