Week of March 7, 2016


Time to break out your favorite flotation device and tune up your intuition! We’re deep in mutable Pisces Season with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces to make things more interesting. By the end of this week there will be four planets in Pisces – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. The tide is coming in fast and it’s sink or swim time. Watch your step because what appears to be solid ground may turn out to boggy or quick sand.

Tuesday is the hot spot this week with the Pisces Sun opposing Jupiter in Virgo and that New Moon Solar Eclipse. If you’re expecting clear cut answers and obvious solutions, those are probably going to be in short supply. A more likely scenario is more questions . . . we may not really realize what this momentous lunation has gifted us with until months down the road. Neptune ruled Pisces teaches lessons in faith, as in have faith in ourselves and our own ability to know what is right for us.

The Pisces influence only deepens when Mercury in Pisces conjoins Neptune on Thursday and the Pisces Sun conjoins Chiron. Layers and layers of Mysteries that we may only be able to access in our dreams are one possibility. This is one of those times when the truth can be stranger than fiction and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Definitely not the best time for buying something sight unseen!

Venus arrives in Pisces on Saturday where she is exalted. She can inspire us to see un-manifested potential in the object of our affections. The downside with this is all that delightful potential usually remains just that – potential. A much more fun way to enjoy Venus’s stay in Pisces is indulge in harmless fantasies with a lover you already know and trust. Spending an evening in silence with your special someone and only using non-verbal ways to communicate may prove far more enjoyable than you might think at first.

moon phases 90x50

The feeling of endings and beginnings all muddled together fits with the Moon’s path this week too. We start with a balsamic Aquarius Moon the first half of the day Monday before she enters Pisces on her way to Tuesday’s New Moon. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiacal year and as such is typically a time when we look backwards rather than ahead. So a Pisces New Moon is a contradiction in and of its self. New Moons usually mark a time of renewal while Pisces is the sign of endings.

Tuesday finds the Pisces Moon conjoining Neptune very early in the day and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius after noon. She takes comfort from a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and an opposition to Jupiter in her partner sign of Virgo. The Moon goes void-of-course following the New Moon that evening and won’t break out into Aries until midday on Wednesday.

As always, the Aries Moon brings a rush of energy and on Wednesday this is enhanced by a trine to Mars in Sagittarius midday. The next couple of days will provide relief from the pensive, introspective mood left by the Moon’s stay in Pisces. Thursday afternoon when the Aries Moon catches up with Uranus and squares Pluto may precipitate some heated moments but this fiery Moon will shrug off those off and keep on moving.

Midday Friday the Aries Moon goes void-of-course very briefly following a pleasant sextile to Venus in Aquarius. After that the Moon happily settles into Taurus where she will spend most of the weekend. Saturday the Taurus Moon completes a Grand Trine in earth with Jupiter and Pluto, a very soothing, genial energy good for feeling firmly grounded in the now. Early Sunday morning the Moon makes a sextile to the Pisces Sun before going void-of-course until late afternoon when she enters spritely Gemini. Sunday evening looks like it could be lively with the Gemini Moon opposing Mars in Sagittarius.

By the way, the combination of a Taurus Moon with the Pisces Sun is wonderful for working in your garden or putting together a window box with flowers. This is a very fertile, nurturing combination and those who have it natally often have green thumbs. Visit your local nursery for ideas to brighten your house and garden.

moon phases 90x50

Something that may begin to happen this week is the gradual dissolution of relationships, agreements and situations that were not built on solid, realistic information. We had an opportunity in January when Mercury retreated into Capricorn to do our homework and verify whether or not we were working with accurate information. If that didn’t happen, then Pisces’s waters can seep into the smallest cracks, and foundations built on sand rather than rock will completely wash away. We will have much to process in the days following the New Moon . . . practice patience and forgiveness.
Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Bog © Batjenka


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