Slow Day with VOC Taurus Moon 3-13-2016


“Sluggish” is one way to describe a day when the Taurus Moon is void-of-course until late afternoon. Plus many of us here in the USA are struggling with transitioning to Daylight Saving Time. Give yourself permission to meander through the day and when the Moon pops into Gemini this evening, then the energy picks up and even shades into contentious with the Moon opposing Mars in Sagittarius. 🌠☾♉➪☾♊🌠

Between the Taurus Moon’s fondness for doing the same thing day after day and the inertia of the Moon being void-of-course, it only makes sense to stick with your usual routines today. Mood swings should be less noticeable too. Time to catch up and get some extra rest.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Taurus © Soa Lee

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