Happy Equinox! 3-20-2016

Aries, Uranus, Mars and Spring Zing

We wake up to an Aries Sun and a lazy void-of-course Leo Moon today! Adding to the laid back feel is Venus conjoining Neptune in Pisces, a very dreamy combo content to drift off into never never land. When the Moon moves into industrious Virgo midday, she will do her best to remind us we still have chores to finish before the work week starts. If her square to Mars this evening is any indicator, that may cause more grumbling than action. Enjoy the first day of Spring (or Autumn as the case may be). 🌠☾♌➪☾♍🌠

The Venus-Neptune conjunction at 10° Pisces is wildly imaginative, the ultimate pair of rose-colored glasses. Wonderful for reviving the romance in a marriage or long standing relationship. If you’re meeting for the first time this weekend, please be aware Saturn is going be squaring Venus next weekend and you’ll have a much better idea of whether there is something real underneath the glamour.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Daffodils © Diane Lang


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