Week of March 21, 2016

Glowing Spring Sky

It’s all about fire this week. The Sun arrived in Aries over the weekend and Mercury makes its move on Monday evening, joining Mars in Sagittarius, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Considering how wet the atmosphere was last week, this is quite a sharp change. There is bound to be steam rising when the fiery warmth hits the cool, damp ground. We begin to finally dry out some, much to the delight of fire sign folk.

The most significant event this week is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Wednesday. The cardinal element is clearly present and fuels the need to finally take action on some of issues that surfaced on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

In fact the only aspect this week that doesn’t have one fire planet involved is Saturday’s Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Coming so close on the heels of the Spring Equinox, I’m reminded of Persephone leaving Hades and rejoining her mother for the growing season. It’s a gentle parting because both of them know she will be returning to join Hades after the Autumnal Equinox.

Another side of the Venus-Pluto sextile is the recognition they both have secrets . . . Venus in Pisces uses her to maintain a seductive air of mystery, and Pluto just because Pluto loves knowing things no one else does. Here is a willingness to respect and appreciate the other’s secrets and allow the mystery to add spice to the relationship.

Going back to the fire theme, Mercury arrives in Aries on Monday and proceeds to conjoin the Aries Sun on Wednesday. It is trine Mars in Sagittarius on Thursday which pumps this Mercury up no end. Like it or not, people are going to push back if they feel pressured. Unlike Mercury in Pisces who fades when challenged, Mercury in Aries fires right back.

Speaking of feeling feisty, on Saturday the Aries Sun is trine Mars in Sagittarius cheerfully promoting a “can do” attitude. This is a Mars love fest because Mars rules Aries. Enjoy the rush of energy and put it to good use being physically active.

Saturn in Sagittarius is very present this week. On Wednesday, Saturn is exactly square Jupiter in Virgo during the Full Moon in Libra. This is a rather peculiar square because Jupiter does not come across nearly as expansive in earthy, practical Virgo as it usually does, while Saturn is less rigid in fiery, easy going Sagittarius. Frankly, it’s a rather messy situation with no clear answers because Jupiter in Virgo loses its way by focusing on the wrong details while Saturn in Sagittarius can get lost in endless arguments about who is in the right.

Saturn is stationing retrograde on Friday at 16° and will be the apex of a mutable T-Square with Venus in Pisces opposing Jupiter in Virgo as the base. The big loser here is an overly sensitive Venus in Pisces who can end up feeling unloved and unappreciated. An unhappy Jupiter in Virgo can be very nit-picky and Saturn in Sagittarius can come across as extremely righteous and judgmental. Everyone needs to take a long step back and examine their personal motives rather than jumping all over the nearest vulnerable loved one.

moon phases 90x50
Once the Virgo Moon shakes off her dreamy state caused by opposing Venus and Neptune in Pisces Monday morning, she will do her best to help us get back into our work routines. Mixed reviews for Monday evening when the Moon conjoins Jupiter and both square Saturn who will probably do his usual thing by taking the fun out of life. After the Virgo Moon-Pluto in Capricorn trine during the night, the Moon will be void-of-course for around twenty four hours. Tuesday’s VOC Virgo Moon is better for taking care of business as usual than tackling new projects.

Wednesday is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra and the Libra Moon is in a much feistier mood than usual. She feels supported by Mars in Sagittarius and the Aries Sun-Mercury conjunction. Don’t be afraid to stand up for fairness and call attention to injustices.

The mood may get more intense Thursday when the Libra Moon comes up against Pluto in the morning and opposes Uranus in Aries in the afternoon. Hopefully balance will be restored during the next long void-of-course starting Thursday afternoon and lasting until midday on Friday when the Moon moves into Scorpio where she will spend the weekend.

Activities over Easter weekend may be more somber than usual under the Scorpio Moon. She does make harmonious aspects to Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday with another trine to Venus and Chiron in Pisces on Sunday. This is a better weekend to reflect on spiritual matters even though we can still enjoy the lighter side of Easter celebrations with our families.

moon phases 90x50

It is an active sky this week and with Aries making its presence known, the desire to move quickly will be strong. This will be countered to a certain degree by Saturn stationing retrograde on Friday. However, like most outer planet stations, Saturn has already spent the past three weeks or so at 16° so stationing retrograde is rather anti-climatic. Focus on sorting out what can be done now from what can wait for a more propitious time. Aries does understand timing and how to set priorities, making this week at good time to get those lined out.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Blustery Spring Morning © Diane Lang