Week of March 28, 2016

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Mercury in Aries is right in the middle of the action this week and probably agitating most of it. I have long suspected there is a little knight in shining armor in most Aries that longs to ride to the rescue, and this week Mercury in Aries gears up to do battle with Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday. Perhaps Pluto will take a step back in sheer surprise but probably not. It won’t be until Thursday when Mercury conjoins Uranus in Aries that disagreements could seriously devolve into outright verbal battles. Choose your stand with care and make sure you have a clear understanding of potential losses before committing to taking action, because I can assure you Pluto in Capricorn will.

Before Mercury runs into Pluto and Uranus, it receives a great deal of help from a trine to solid, thoughtful Saturn in Sagittarius on Tuesday. That’s the time to make sure all your facts are correct. Saturn does a decent job of gently encouraging Mercury in Aries to be patient and keep on doing the necessary research. An inconjunct to Jupiter in Virgo on Tuesday is not much help because what Virgo considers essential Aries does not. Take a deep breath and listen anyway because there is bound to be a nugget or two of wisdom in Jupiter in Virgo’s offerings.

There is only one other aspect of any note this week and that’s Venus conjoining Chiron at 22° Pisces on Wednesday. Given how subtle this influence is only those with personal planets from 21° to 23° may enjoy the kindly, caring energy it will generate. If you are lucky enough to benefit from this conjunction, please share the sweetness freely. Love is what makes the world go around after all.

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Monday’s Sagittarius Moon heats up the sky even more giving us six planets in fire. The Moon will conjoin Mars during the afternoon and be trine the Aries Sun early evening. This ought to kick start our week off in grand style!

Saturn will contain the Sagittarius’s Moon enthusiasm Tuesday morning but not for long because Uranus in Aries comes along in the afternoon to turn it up again. After that the Moon will be void-of-course until she enters contained Capricorn midday Wednesday. Enjoy the freewheeling fiery energy and allow your own spirit to lift in response.

Thursday is cardinal crunch day in more ways than one because not only does the Capricorn Moon conjoin Pluto late afternoon but squares the Aries Sun in the morning. Capricorn tends to respond to pressure through controlling behaviors, a tendency exacerbated in recent years by Pluto’s presence. This is also the day Mercury in Aries conjoins Uranus so all kinds of sparks could be flying. The atmosphere finally calms down on Friday morning when the Capricorn Moon is sextile gentle Venus in Pisces, and we may finally be able to return to a more productive state of mind.

Once the Moon enters Aquarius on Friday evening she will bring some much needed objectivity and opportunities to review emotional issues with a degree of detachment. Sextiles to Mars in Sagittarius and the Aries Sun on Saturday are perfect for meeting with like-minded people for various reasons. Humanitarian efforts in general ought to fare well over the weekend and it’s a great time to do fund raisers for worthy causes. Sunday is much the same with sextiles to Uranus and Mercury in Aries. The whole weekend has a pleasant, friendly energy that is excellent for meeting new people and exploring different ways to view old issues.

moon phases 90x50

This is not a good week for those with delicate sensibilities and even thicker skinned folks could find themselves getting hot under the collar. Libra types everywhere are going to have their hands full promoting the basic concept every story has two sides or more. I foresee more shouting than listening going on this week. Thankfully Mercury is screaming along quickly in Aries and will be moving into placid Taurus a week from Tuesday. That and the fact Aries tends to blow up quickly and settle down just as fast should help limit the worst of the insanity. Hang on to your hats, folks!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Spring Green Hills © Diane Lang


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