Week of April 4, 2016

Aries by Susan Seddon Boulet

Hope you all had a lovely calm weekend because this week promises to be anything but! The Aries Sun is taking its turn butting heads with the outer planets plus is part of the Aries New Moon on Thursday. Then we have two of the faster moving planets, Mercury and Venus, changing signs the same day. Sit down, buckle up and hang on!

One thing the Aries Sun is not shy about is taking action and there is a lot of it this week. Monday Jupiter in Virgo is inconjunct the Aries Sun, bringing Virgo’s need to carefully go over every detail in conflict with Aries’s do it NOW attitude. Do the best you can to work around this because stepping into the middle will be even more unproductive. Allow for Aries impatience and an upbeat Jupiter in Virgo’s attempt to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. It ought to work out in the end.

Saturn in Sagittarius steps up Tuesday to help the Aries Sun set sensible priorities and put together a solid front that will stand up to the demands of Pluto and Uranus later in the week. This is the day Mercury and Venus change signs with Venus turning up the heat when she leaves sympathetic Pisces for fiery Aries, and Mercury cooling off when it leaves Aries for calm, steady Taurus. It may take time to adjust to those changes but I’m betting we’ll be thankful for Mercury in Taurus who prefers to think things through before speaking up . . . something Aries seldom does.

Venus in Aries is not boring. She is vibrant, full of herself and perhaps a teensy bit on the selfish side but loads of fun. It will be another week before she catches up to Mars in Sagittarius on April 12 and when she does there will be plenty of fireworks!

Pluto in Capricorn braces the Aries Sun via a square on Wednesday and I see this as an opportunity to finally let go of some control issues that have been holding us back. Check to see where the Aries Sun is currently transiting your natal chart to get an idea about what part of your life these issues are cropping up. For instance, if it’s the tenth house it may be career related, the seventh would be partners, the fourth home and family, etc.

Thursday is the Aries New Moon and buried beneath all the Aries bluster and noise is a subtle square between Mars in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This one is sneaky and may cause some really odd behaviors . . . Neptune is like that you know. Those folks who have personal planets from 8° to 10° in the mutable signs may experience a noticeable lack of drive and energy and a tendency to take a leap of faith before checking to see if it really does make sense.

It will be Saturday when the Aries Sun catches up with Uranus and inspires many to feel the need to express their uniqueness. Give people plenty of space to do their own thing. This would be a good time to go off by ourselves rather than attempt to coordinate with others.

moon phases 90x50

The Moon’s journey this week is an interesting one. We go from a Balsamic Pisces Moon to an Aries New Moon and the start of a new monthly lunar cycle.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon is in subtle, watery Pisces. She has to contend with a square to Mars in Sagittarius Monday afternoon followed by conjoining Neptune late afternoon/early evening. Tuesday the Pisces Moon is void-of-course most of the day entering Aries that night, so she essentially fades into the background. Balsamic Moons are best for reflection and finishing up old business in order to take advantage of energetic boost we get from the New Moon.

The Aries Moon wakes us up ready for action Wednesday morning. She is in a good mood due to conjoining Venus in Aries before dawn and it improves as the day goes on when she is trine Mars in Sagittarius during the afternoon. This is good before we also have to contend with the Sun-Pluto square on Wednesday and being in a positive frame of mind can cushion us from the stress to a certain extent.

Thursday features the New Moon in Aries first thing in the morning, with the Moon squaring Pluto before it and conjoining Uranus after. This is another day when the Moon will be void-of-course all day and that’s probably just as well because we’ll have enough to deal with courtesy of the New Moon. The focus both Wednesday and Thursday will be up close and personal. Those who have been neglecting their own needs to help others may wake up and realize they need some “me time”.

The pace slows on Friday with the arrival of the Taurus Moon who conjoins Mercury in Taurus first thing which may finally get our heads back into a space where we can focus on simple practicalities. This is good because many people will probably have work projects to get wrapped up before the weekend.

Saturday looks good for working around the house and yard. The pace will be more relaxed if the Taurus Moon has anything to say about it. Good time to visit your favorite park or go for a drive in the country. Make sure any social activities include good food and plenty of it. We can be grateful the Taurus Moon is on hand to help ground out any craziness due to the Sun-Uranus conjunction that day.

Our minds reengage Sunday when the airy Gemini Moon shows up to play. She welcomes Venus in Aries first thing and dances about with Mars in Sagittarius that afternoon. Forget doing much of anything serious Sunday evening when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Keep conversations light and breezy Sunday, and enjoy the moment.

moon phases 90x50

We are being given a lot to absorb this week as well as opportunities to see ourselves in a new light. The Aries rush midweek brings exciting possibilities that may be overwhelming to many. However with no planets in air to feed all that Aries fire it won’t burn quite as hot, and Mercury shifting into pragmatic Taurus will make it easier to ask for more time to think things over before making any decisions . . . something this Libra highly recommends. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aries © Susan Seddon-Boulet

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  1. Oh dear, pluto square sun and the new moon are right on my moon saturn conjunction (17/ 18 degrees) in aries square my mercury (17 degrees) in capricorn. It’s cardinal crunch time for me, but this time round I know where I’m heading and with this spartan moon I’ve got to make it solidly clear where I stand. The cardinal square two years ago (same war, different battle) almost wiped me out, but the last two years have helped strengthen and shape my calling and so now it’s final. My path is set. . . .

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