Distracted Gemini Moon Today 4-10-2016



There is a bright, lively feel to the day with the Gemini Moon on board. Lots of distractions today and plans may change quickly. Mercury in Taurus, Gemini’s ruler, is inconjunct Mars in Sagittarius and may grumble some since this Mercury likes to do focus on one thing at a time. Good luck with that. 🙂 🌠☾♊🌠

It is good to have air represented again to help alleviate all the subjectivity weighing down our ability to see the big picture. Gemini loves to explore new ideas, and the Gemini Moon prefers to step back and observe emotions from a distance. Enjoy the lighter atmosphere today and tomorrow because the next air sign Moon arrives about the same time as the Taurus Sun . . . this is about as good as it gets for air signs until the Sun enters Gemini. *shrug*

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Gemini © Michelle


2 responses to “Distracted Gemini Moon Today 4-10-2016

  1. hello..i have i question ..it is very important for me!it s not about this article,..but i hope that you ll help me…It is good to sign a contract when it is MARTE RETROGRADE…A rental agreement…please help me!!kisses

  2. Nice horoscope for Libra. Our day of birth makes us different from one another because of the different planetary influences involved. Our personality and habits are not only made up of our Sun Signs alone. There are also 8 planets plus the Sun and the Moon, and we live on the planet Earth.

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