Crabby Cancer Moon Today 4-13-2016


Today the Cancer Moon lives up to her moody reputation. Small family issues can be blown out of proportion and crankiness may ensue. The Moon opposes Pluto in Cappy this morning and squares Uranus in Aries this afternoon. A late evening square to the Aries Sun marks the first quarter of the Moon as we head for next week’s Full Moon. We can choose not to feed the emotional drama, either internal or external . . . though no one is better than family at knowing how to set us off. This too shall pass and tomorrow brings the Leo Moon to cheer us up! 🌠☾♋🌠

This is a good day to evaluate how fast moving lunar aspects affect your natal chart with the Cancer Moon aspecting Pluto and Uranus. Pluto is now at 17° Capricorn and Uranus at 20° Aries. Both the outer planets have been sitting in the same houses in your natal chart for quite some time so we’re familiar with their effect. The house the Cancer Moon is dashing through suggests the issues that may serve as the flash point for disagreements. These cardinal crunch days can be exhausting, so it might be a good idea to use this evening’s void-of-course Moon to simply rest.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Cancer © Aaron


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