Boisterous Leo Moon gives way to calm Virgo late today 4-16-16


Do something just for the fun of it today. The Leo Moon is in a good mood, headed for a midday trine to the Aries Sun with an abundance of planets in fire to encourage spontaneity. Easy going void-of-course Leo Moon finally reaches discriminating Virgo late afternoon/early evening. We also have Venus in Aries inconjunct Jupiter in Virgo this evening which may make for some awkward moments and result in over-indulging to get through those. Still looks like a good day to hang out with friends and enjoy life. 🌠☾♌➱☾♍🌠

We can’t overlook Mars in Sagittarius stationing retrograde early tomorrow morning. Mars stations usually require an extra helping of patience, especially if we’re dealing with a fire sign Mars like we are this time. Like a small child in the back seat, a stationary Mars in Sagittarius takes up the “are we there yet?” refrain and runs it into the ground. Energy levels may fluctuate or be generally flat today and tomorrow in particular. Once Mars adjusts to retracing its path, that sensation usually levels out and goes away.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo © KerstinS


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