Intuitive Scorpio Moon can help today 4-22-2016


We have help dealing with the repercussions of last night’s Scorpio Full Moon today when late today the Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces and sextile Jupiter in Virgo. The combination of common sense and intuition can help guide us towards making wise choices.

A completely different influence at work today is Venus conjoining Uranus at 21° Aries. This is a fire cracker of an aspect and the more autonomy we can give our loved ones the happier the outcome. Clinging, insecure behaviors may provoke a far more abrupt response than usual. We’ve reached the point where we may finally need to simply let go and move on. 🌠☾♏🌠

With today’s Venus-Uranus conjunction, the whole Uranus-Pluto square thing finally starts to fade into the background. By the time the faster moving planets reach cardinal Cancer, Uranus will have pulled far enough away from Pluto we should be able to deal with transits from both planets to our natal chart as separate matters rather than them ganging up on us as they have the past few years. Outer planets transits can be extremely demanding in part because they last so long. It’s time to let the healing begin.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Will You Marry Me © Anne Bachelier


One response to “Intuitive Scorpio Moon can help today 4-22-2016

  1. ” It’s time to let the healing begin.” Great words Diane and so true. I’ve been following you all the way through the U-pl square years. I clearly remember two years ago that dreadful cardinal Cross was wrecking havoc, but I can honestly say today is the day… it now all makes sense, the breakthrough has occurred and the fight has been worth it (in hindsight, of course . . . . battle scars are still healing) I’ve made the transition that was necessary and although it’s fresh ground in Taurus season there’s so much help around for healing – the gardening, spring and the slower pace. Thanks for all insights Diane, I’m glad we’ve made it to the other side.

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