New Moon in Taurus, May 6, 2016


Talk about having all four feet firmly planted on the ground! This New Moon at 16° 4′ Taurus on 6 May 2016, 12:30 PM PDT is all of that and more with four planets in Taurus alone. Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn team up with the Sun and Moon in Taurus to create a marvelous Grand Trine in earth, and the benefits this will deliver are going to be something we can taste, touch, smell and feel . . . very real.

The Taurus Sun and Moon are feeling complacent and rightly so. They are flanked by Venus, Taurus’s ruler, and Mercury who is heading back to conjoin the Sun on Monday, May 9. Neither is troubled by Mercury being retrograde because Taurus has no problem with thinking everything through slowly and completely. Not only that, but the luminaries are supported by Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, creating a Grand Trine in earth. See where this Grand Trine falls in your natal chart to get an idea how it can help bring rewarding experiences into your life. The natural flow between the three houses highlighted will help but it may take some voluntary effort on our parts to produce the best results.

I love the sextile between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces because sextiles have just enough edginess to generate excitement and interest. This one could have a very happy effect on our love lives and various creative activities we’re working on. Venus also provides support for Neptune who is involved in the mutable T-Square with Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Unconditional love is a key ingredient to being happy.

We have an interesting thing going on with retrograde Mercury in Taurus semi-sextile Uranus in Aries. This looks a lot like a stalemate to me because Mercury in Taurus’s inherent stubbornness is enhanced by being retrograde, probably to the point of being able to resist the pressure of Uranus. The more outrageous the suggestion, the more resistance it will be met with. Taurus will choose consistency and tradition almost every time.

It is Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius that are the odd men out this time. Mars is inconjunct Venus in Taurus and may completely misread what Venus really wants from him. Mars in Sagittarius’s idea of a fun date is going to a sports bar, watching a ball game on the big screen TV and eating buffalo wings with beer. While Venus in Taurus loves good food, she also enjoys eating it in an elegant atmosphere with fine wines and good service. Mars in Sagittarius loves to play the field while Venus in Taurus is happiest in a committed relationship. They might have a wild and crazy one night stand but that’s probably as far as it will go.

Saturn in Sagittarius is closely inconjunct the Sun and Moon in Taurus and part of a mutable T-Square with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. He is somewhat overpowered because all of the earth smothers Sagittarius’s fire. The waxing square to Neptune in Pisces continues to sap Saturn’s strength too. Saturn’s weakness in Sagittarius is falling into the trap of rigid beliefs and righteousness with no exit strategy.
None of the earth sign contingent is in any mood to be lectured to because they know they have the upper hand at this time. We may not know the whole truth about many matters until late September when the Saturn-Neptune square is behind us but for now, go with the most practical, pragmatic solutions available.

The best way to celebrate this amazing Taurus New Moon is honor the richness and diversity of Life. We need to reacquaint ourselves with the knowledge true wealth comes from knowing we are loved and through loving others. The comfort foods Taurus loves to serve are simply another way to express that love. Relax and enjoy the slower pace while we can.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aquarius © louise benton

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