Week of May 6, 2016


Taurus still has a “do not disturb” sign posted for this week but the feeling of being stuck will gradually improve as both Mars and Mercury pick up speed moving in reverse. We’ll still need to move at a slow pace which is bound to frustrate fire and air signs who relish multitasking and dashing around at top speed. For the most part, earth and water folk will find it relaxing.

For most of the week leading up to the New Moon in Taurus on Friday, the Taurus Sun will be part of a Grand Trine in earth with Jupiter in Virgo (exact on Tuesday) and Pluto in Capricorn (exact on Saturday). All the love and support from those two outer planets will insulate the Taurus Sun from the worst effects of the inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday/Thursday. Philosophical differences are bound to flare up but I’m inclined to think pragmatism will win out in the end.

It is Venus in Taurus who will suffer from an inconjunct to Mars in Sagittarius on Thursday. These two seldom see eye to eye and inconjuncts usually make for terrible timing in relationships. When Venus in Taurus wants to cuddle, Mars in Sagittarius is only interested in watching a sporting event on the TV. When he’s ready for some action, she’s going to have a headache . . . bad timing.

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The Moon starts off her week enjoying her stay in Pisces where she happily embraces the earth planets and her ruler, Neptune, very early Monday. The only jarring aspect is a mid-morning square to Saturn in Sagittarius who demands she follow through on her responsibilities. She will be void-of-course from late Monday night until mid-morning Tuesday when she leaps into fiery Aries. This looks like one of the more laid back Mondays we’ve had in awhile.

On the whole, the Aries Moon will be much more subdued than usual due to Aries’s ruler, Mars, being retrograde. Tuesday she makes no aspects until late that evening when she is trine Mars in Sagittarius. We can take advantage of the forward looking Aries Moon energy to get our work done Tuesday.

It is the second half of the day on Wednesday when we may notice the effects of Mars retrograde on the Aries Moon. That’s when she will square Pluto in Capricorn before going on to conjoin Uranus late that night. By the way, Wednesday will probably be the most frustrating day this week because that’s the day the Taurus Sun will be inconjunct Saturn. Not necessarily the best day for fire signs or attempting to push our agenda on others. Stay calm and do the best you can to avoid over reacting.

We have a void-of-course Aries Moon from Wednesday night until midday Thursday when the Moon enters Taurus, heading towards the New Moon the following day. The Taurus Moon embraces Venus Thursday night before moving on to enjoy Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo early Friday morning. Friday is all about the Taurus New Moon and earth is the dominating influence. No sense rushing around, take time to be present and breathe for a moment or two. The Moon will go void-of-course Friday evening following a conjunction with Mercury and won’t enter Gemini until Saturday morning.

Having the Moon in social Gemini for the weekend means lots of connecting and reconnecting with friends and family. With so much emphasis on the past right now, we could spend time talking to old friends and renewing relationships we thought may have disappeared forever. Saturday evening looks lively with the Moon opposing Mars in Sagittarius. Enjoy some playful sparing with your sweetie.

Sunday starts off with a mutable T-Square involving the Gemini Moon with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, followed by an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. We’ll probably end up feeling more confused than ever . . . normal when Neptune has any input. The day does end on a lighter, brighter note when the Gemini Moon is sextile Uranus in Aries that evening.

moon phases 90x50

One way or another, we may spend more time this week dealing with people and issues from the past. These are matters that need to be dealt with before we can move forward on the New Moon, so buckle down and do it! Even after the New Moon we won’t exactly be rushing forward. Please be patient for awhile longer. Thank you.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: The Green Man © vil-painter