Arrival of Aries Moon energizes the day 5-3-2016


We start the day under a void-of-course Pisces Moon, so the day may get off to a slow start. Once the Moon blasts into Aries mid-morning that will change and most of us will be ready to take on whatever the day brings. The Moon cheerfully trots along with nothing to interfere with her momentum until she meets up with Mars in Sagittarius for a late night rendezvous. A sweet Taurus Sun-Jupiter in Virgo trine improves our luck . . . though we might be tempted to take on more than we can easily complete. Remember the overall pace is still strongly influenced by Mercury and Mars Rx incrementally gaining speed in reverse, so don’t expect miracles! 🌠☾♓➱☾♈🌠

Aries Moons are usually highly energetic but with a sluggish retrograde Mars in Sagittarius dragging her down there will probably be noticeably less charge this month. The next time the Moon is in Aries is May 31 and Mars will be up to speed in reverse back in Scorpio. This should improve her outlook and energy considerably because Mars in Scorpio is a veritable powerhouse, even retrograde.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aries © Mila Losenko


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