Aries Moon is the mood for a fight today 5-4-2016


Yesterday we enjoyed the upside of the Aries Moon, bustling about energetically without going overboard. Today is a mixed bag with Jupiter in Virgo pressing the Moon, and us, to overdo early. Thankfully a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius midday helps get us back on track and back to work. We hit the first half of the cardinal crunch late afternoon when the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn, causing a brief uptick in aggressive, obsessive behaviors. Now that Uranus in Aries is pulling away from Pluto, the Moon won’t conjoin it until the middle of the night which may make it difficult to sleep. Make time for a good workout during the day to help overcome any problems getting to sleep. 🌠☾♈🌠

Overshadowing today is an inconjunct between the stubborn Taurus Sun and rigid Saturn in Sagittarius. Since it is unlikely any resolution can be found given the essential differences between Taurus and Sagittarius, the saner course of action may be to quietly walk away for now. This theme continues tomorrow when Venus in Taurus is inconjunct Mars in Sagittarius. Inconjuncts often create a great deal of frustration for everyone . . . they remind us sometimes there simply is no clear answer, no matter how much we would like one.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aries © Daywish


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