Virgo hands off the Moon to equitable Libra today 5-16-2016


Slow start to the day with a void-of-course Virgo Moon, while wonderful for handling business as usual, we may want to wait until the Moon enters Libra midday to start in on something new. The day ends on an upbeat note when the Libra Moon makes a friendly sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Libra Moon can help us look at both sides of a situation and adjust accordingly. Enjoy the mild, friendly energy today. 🌠☾♍➱☾♎🌠

From now through Wednesday we benefit from Venus’s gentle influence via the Taurus Sun and Libra Moon, both ruled by Venus. Hopefully this will result in a more peaceful atmosphere with fewer confrontations and better manners on display. Thursday’s Venus-Chiron sextile keeps this influence going. Plan accordingly if you can because the closer we get to the Full Moon in Sagittarius with its Moon-Mars conjunction, the more strife is bound to emerge.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Libra © faithfair


2 responses to “Virgo hands off the Moon to equitable Libra today 5-16-2016

  1. Looking forward to my progressed Moon moving into Libra soon. A couple of years of sociability before it joins all my progressed planets in Scorpio down in my 4th house. 🙂

    • Hi Les!

      Progressed Moon in Libra is something to look forward to. Ought to be much more relaxing for you. My pMoon is in Aries and I’m looking forward to her being in calm Taurus next February. I have pMoon conj Uranus to look forward to this Sept, about the time Jupiter moves into Libra. 🙂

      xoxo diane~

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