Uranus steps on the Libra Moon’s Scales . . . very disruptive for her 5-18-2016


Once the Libra Moon makes it past her midday opposition to irritating Uranus in Aries, she goes officially void-of-course. Given a choice, Libra will almost always choose peace and harmony over confrontation and discord. Aspects to Uranus can create a great deal of tension and are often hard on the nervous system due to adrenaline overload. The Moon does make a series of inconjuncts following her opposition to Uranus. First to Venus in Taurus, then Chiron in Pisces and finally the Taurus Sun. All three planets share the Libra Moon’s preference for a calm, peaceful environment suited to recovering from stress. People may choose avoidance over confrontation today. Rest if you can and when you can today. 🌠☾♎🌠

We’re almost out of Taurus Season and its calm, practical earthy sensibilities. Today and tomorrow  are the last two days we can easily draw on those energies before the Sun moves into Gemini and completely changes the tenor of our days. Due to Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, stationing direct on Sunday the first week of Gemini Season is bound to be frustrating. That will throw a wrench in Gemini’s mental gears, forcing most everyone to dig deep for more patience. We really have benefited greatly from Mercury being retrograde during Taurus Season with its typically slow, deliberate pacing. Patience is not Gemini’s forte. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Libra © Mia Steingraeber


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