Aquarius Moon + Gemini Planets = Mental Clarity 5-26-2016


Once the Moon leaves Capricorn for airy Aquarius this morning, giving us three planets in air, we may gradually realize how limited our perspective has been in recent weeks. The Moon is energized by a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius shortly after she enters Aquarius and then goes on to trine both Venus and the Sun in Gemini over the course of the day. We might even gain enough clarity to recognize what we need to do to work with the results of today’s exact square between optimistic Jupiter in Virgo and cautious Saturn in Sagittarius. 🌠☾♑➱☾♒🌠

Today is the last day Mars will be in Sagittarius until August 3 because he moves back into Scorpio early tomorrow morning. After that he will gradually return to 23° Scorpio where he was on February 18 before stationing direct on June 29. Since Mars is all about taking action, we may find ourselves deciding we need to do something differently than we did earlier this year. There are times in life when we can no longer ignore the fact we can’t continue to go as we have been. This could mean finally making those basic life style changes needed to improve our sense of well being. Those who are already committed to the whole exercise/eat right routine might tweak a few things but otherwise do just fine. Mars in Scorpio excels at carefully excising people and situations from our lives causing us harm, and I have the feeling the next month or so will see more of this happening than some may expect. Good hunting!!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aquarius © Anja Uhren


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