Moodier Aquarius Moon today + Mars returns to Scorpio 5-27-2016


Lunar moodiness returns today. The day starts off well for the Aquarius Moon as she sextiles productive Saturn in Sagittarius early but negotiations may hit a snag or two when she squares Mercury in Taurus midday. Given how slowly Mercury is still moving and the fact it’s Friday, it may better to shelve discussions for now and pick them up next week. 🌠☾♒🌠

Big shift today is Mars leaving impulsive Mars in fiery Sagittarius and returning to Scorpio once more. Mars in Scorpio is not nearly as willing to compromise and rather than rail against fate, wrong minded people, etc, don’t bother wasting more energy protesting (a mutable thing) but get busy dealing with existing conditions. I know . . . not fun. 😦

Mutable energy will continue dominate the sky until the Solstice, and while this make take some adjusting for fixed signs folks who like consistency, it is a good opportunity to exercise our adaptability skills. Most mutable people like to be busy and usually have several projects they are working at any given time. They also love a change in scene and bouncing around chatting with lots of different people. Being more adaptable is going to come in handy having to deal with unfinished business retrograde Mars keeps hauling up and dumping on our feet.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Cloud Diving © artist unknown


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