Week of May 30, 2016


The sirens are singing this week with Neptune in Pisces squaring the Gemini Sun and Venus who continue to gradually draw closer together. There is wild and crazy Gemini New Moon on Saturday that features a mutable Grand Cross to keep things interesting. One thing about Gemini season is it is seldom boring.

The week starts off on a sane note with Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn on Monday. Now that Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is picking up speed, mental clarity is possible and earthy, practical Taurus helps keep our thinking real. Pluto in Capricorn assists by adding intention and incredible tenacity, the polite way of saying it is obsessive in its pursuits.

Wednesday is when things start to go sideways with the Gemini Sun squaring Neptune, setting up scenarios where individuals tend to be seen as either saints or sinners with little regard to the truth. We may see plenty of evidence of this phenomena playing out in the political arena. Please refrain from jumping on the band wagon and reserve judgment until the fog clears once more.

It is Venus’s turn to square Neptune on Thursday and a more perfect setup for falling in love with our projection of perfection is seldom found. It is also possible to fall for get rich quick schemes. Now is a great time to exercise skepticism for all its worth. A more sobering influence is Saturn in Sagittarius opposing the Gemini Sun on Thursday night. Venus will repeat this aspect on Friday. This is all part of the mutable Grand Cross and is bound to create considerable cognitive dissonance in our minds and lives.

Jupiter in Virgo shows up Saturday to add his bit to the overall confusion when he squares both the Gemini Sun and Venus. Saturday is the Gemini New Moon and that event brings all the preceding aspects into play. Take a big step back and do your best to observe all the drama from a remove rather than diving into the middle of it. There will be plenty to take in!

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We can regroup after the weekend on Monday with a more purposeful Pisces Moon, aided by an early morning conjunction to Chiron and late afternoon trine to powerful Mars in Scorpio. Following a short void-of-course, the Moon dashes into lively Aries where she will stay until Wednesday evening. The energetic Aries Moon will provide momentum and some sense of direction to help combat the overall formlessness present this week.

Tuesday is one of the best days this week to get some serious work down. Sextiles to the Gemini Sun and Venus the first part of the day are great for working with others and a very productive trine to Saturn in Sagittarius winds up the work day. The Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn during the night and conjoin Uranus to infuse Wednesday morning with an energy rush. After that she will be void-of-course until late Wednesday evening.

We can be very grateful we’ll have a well-grounded Taurus Moon on hand Thursday and Friday to make some sort of sense of things due to the confusion created by the Gemini Sun and Venus creating a mutable T-Square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. My suggestion is to stick with what you can experience directly and put your imagination on hold, especially in the work place. The Moon enters Gemini Friday evening following a four hour void-of-course after the Taurus Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio late afternoon/early evening.

The weekend is going to be consumed by the Gemini New Moon and the mutable Grand Cross it creates. Remain flexible and please don’t promise more than you can deliver. Social interactions may be very unpredictable with plenty of potential to insert foot in mouth or get sold a bill of goods. Be cautious and leave your valuables at home. I suspect we’ll all be relieved when the Moon returns home to Cancer Sunday evening.

moon phases 90x50

One bright spot this week is Gemini’s ruler, Mercury in Taurus. It will act as a lighthouse in the Neptune generated fog bank. We’re also heading into the Balsamic phase of the Moon and that means cleaning up old business rather than starting something new. It is our relationships with people where the greatest potential for problems exists, particularly close friends, neighbors and siblings. Since Venus is involved our love lives could take some odd turns as well. Sobriety will return soon enough and then we can begin to work on mending fences if possible . . . or even desirable. In any case, we’ll have plenty of think about due to the information overload! Go forth and do no harm please.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Gemini © Gal Or