Patient Taurus Moon gives way to a hyper Gemini Moon late today 6-3-2016


The first part of the day the Taurus Moon acts as a calming influence but even she has trouble maintaining her cool when she runs up against an opposition to Rx Mars in Scorpio late afternoon/early evening. After that she is void-of-course until moving into Gemini in the late evening. The push-pull theme oppositions generate is strong today because last night’s Gemini Sun-Saturn in Sagittarius opposition is followed by a late day Venus in Gemini-Saturn opposition. The best possibility for working with others constructively is this morning, and even then it may take effort. Noise levels could rise dramatically if situations devolve into shouting matches. Don’t forget we are right in the middle of the mutable muddle and confusion reigns. Take care! 🌠☾♉➱☾♊🌠

This is one of those times when having a strongly mutable chart will help. It will be much more frustrating for fixed types and today’s Moon-Mars opposition in fixed Taurus and Scorpio could cause that frustration to spill over. Fixed signs need consistency in their lives to function well and don’t handle multiple demands well at all. While cardinal signs do enjoy a challenge, they too prefer to have a clear course of action to pursue, and not much is clear right now. Step back when necessary and disengage, especially if your health and well being is threatened.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Taurus © Kim Sol


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