Leo Moon says spread the Love today 6-7-2016


Leo Moon invites us to have some fun today, maybe take a personal day and go play. We know the grim realities are still going to be there no matter what but taking a play break can refresh the spirit and allow us to return to handling our challenges with renewed vigor. There is a kindly sextile between Mercury in Taurus and Chiron in Pisces this evening, wonderful for making sincere apologies for bad behaviors. Put a big smile on your face and go forth to share the love. 🌠☾♌🌠

Don’t forget the Sun and Venus are still conjoined and are doing their best to keep us smiling. Today they are at 18° Gemini and will remain within two degrees until June 13. If you have personal planets or Ascendant from 16° to 24° in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you will feel the love until then. There is so much intense uncertainty out there right due to the Saturn-Neptune square, we need to see the light side more than ever. Cultivate a sense of the absurd . . . there is tons of that out there right now. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo © Xris

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