Virgo Moon shrugs off Neptune and gets to work 6-11-2016

One third of our garlic crop for this year . . .

This morning we have a brief run in with the Mutable T-Square when the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune, then squares Saturn before conjoining Jupiter midday. In truth we get back down to earth fairly quickly once the Moon is done opposing mysterious Neptune. Saturn starts the process by reestablishing boundaries and aspects to earthy Jupiter and Pluto in Cappy finish it. We should have a productive day and even enjoy some laughs midday! What really keeps the lid on too much weirdness is the Virgo Moon . . . she is in a well grounded earth sign after all. Social activities go better with a purpose besides playing. 🌠☾♍🌠

Doing all kinds of Virgo things this weekend at my home. We started our garlic harvest about two weeks early due to a very warm April. The weather has been even more changeable than usual, going from 10 degrees below normal to 20 degrees above. I’m not sure what season it is, much less what day! Nothing like the combination of the Mutable T-Square and Mars Rx, all aspecting the Angles in my chart to throw my sense of time and place all out of whack. 🙂

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Garlic Harvest © Diane Lang