Edgier day for the Libra Moon 6-14-2016


Most of the day the Libra Moon happily minds her own business. She did run into Pluto in Cappy during the night which may or may not have impacted our dreams. It will be late afternoon/early evening before she braces for an encounter with impulsive Uranus in Aries, followed shortly a much more soothing one with the Gemini Sun. With a little care and an active interest in keeping the peace, we can go about our day just fine. 🌠☾♎🌠

Today’s major aspect is the Gemini Sun sextile Uranus in Aries, great for inspiring innovative ideas for problem solving. The challenge lying in wait for the Sun tonight is an inconjunct to Rx Mars in Scorpio. Gemini’s attempt at humor to defuse uncomfortable situations could fall flat and make things worse instead of better. Mars is so not in the mood to put up with flippancy. Play nice!

The Yod with retrograde Mars in Scorpio at the apex and the Gemini Sun-Uranus in Aries sextile as the base comes into play today and the effects may be felt until the weekend. This will impact those with personal planets and/or Angles at 23° on the Scorpio-Taurus axis the most. We have two planets that thrive on the unexpected and one that doesn’t. Mars in Scorpio is especially sensitive now as he prepares to station direct in little over two weeks. Springing surprises on fixed sign folk is seldom a good idea . . . a better approach is to consult with them ahead of time and give them time to think it over.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Anqet, Goddess of the Nile © ThornErose


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