Scorpio Moon asks for quiet . . . and gets it. 6-15-2016


Early risers saw the Moon transition from Libra to Scorpio where she settles in for the next couple of days. Keep in mind Scorpio is far less tolerant of Gemini’s tendency to chatter away about what Scorpio sees as non-essentials, and you won’t get snarled at this afternoon when the Scorpio Moon is inconjunct Mercury in Gemini. Otherwise there are no major lunar aspects today, allowing the pragmatic, focused Scorpio energy to prevail which is good for those who are facing a daunting list of tasks awaiting them.🌠☾♎➱☾♏🌠

The Gemini Sun has its share of challenges today starting with an inconjunct to retrograde Mars in Scorpio last night and a square to Chiron in Pisces this afternoon. I discussed the Yod the Gemini Sun is part of in yesterday’s post. The aspect we’ll continue to deal with until late July is the Mars-Uranus inconjunct because those two will be within a degree for quite some time due to Mars stationing direct on June 29 and moving at a crawl. Uranus in Aries is not tactful, kind or considerate of others in any way, shape or form and urges us to behave the same way. Please do take time to consider the results before making choices based on purely selfish motives.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mistress of the Night © Yana Dhyana


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