Sagittarius Moon needs to run free today 6-19-2016

Wild Horses Roaming Free

We might not have a clue about what direction to take but the urge to head out the door and run wild is strong today. The Sagittarius Moon squared exuberant Jupiter in Virgo very, very early in the morning and doesn’t make another aspect until she makes a trine to freedom loving Uranus in Aries late afternoon/early evening. Right, wrong or otherwise, it probably won’t matter much . . . we simply need some space to clear our heads and explore the wider world. 🌠☾♐🌠

Late last night or early this morning retrograde Mars in Scorpio made the first of two exact inconjuncts to Uranus in Aries. Traces of this uncomfortable aspect linger on more than usual because Mars has arrived at his station degree and Uranus will be at 23° until next Thursday. We have the spectacular Sagittarius Full Moon early tomorrow morning, after which the Moon is very briefly void-of-course. So please cut people some slack today if they choose to ignore all these weighty factors and run off to play.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Wild Horses in wide open spaces  © Randy Harris |