Happy Solstice/Full Moon in Sagittarius! 6-20-2016

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The second Full Moon in Sagittarius happens before dawn today and the Moon shifts into Capricorn by the time most of us in the USA start our days. Venus in Cancer warmly greets the Capricorn Moon midday, followed by the Cancer Sun doing the same late afternoon. The Capricorn Moon is one of the least emotional volatile Moons, that with all the rest of the excitement today, that’s a very good thing. 🌠☾♐➱☾♑🌠

We have Mercury in Gemini making an exact mutable T-Square with the Saturn-Neptune square today and it will be interesting to see how well Saturn does at keeping Neptune’s fogginess at bay. Perhaps Mercury can help articulate how the Saturn-Neptune square is messing with us. I’d recommend waiting until late this week to re-evaluate important information and signing critical paperwork. I have more on the Solstice chart in my weekly post if you’d like to read more about that.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Walk on the beach  © Christian Degroote | Dreamstime.com


3 responses to “Happy Solstice/Full Moon in Sagittarius! 6-20-2016

  1. Hi Diane. Happy Solstice!

    A quick note – maybe it’s me, but I can’t read any of the comments on your blog. For example, your June 12 post on this full moon shows “4 responses to “Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 20, 2016”” but the comments don’t appear.

  2. Hi Les,
    Those are pingbacks, not regular comments. Maybe that’s why they seem unreadable.

    Happy Solstice to you too! 😀

    xoxo diane~

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