Pragmatic Capricorn gives way to uncomfortable Aquarius Moon today 6-22-2016


The day starts under a void-of-course Capricorn Moon whose last aspect was a square to Uranus in Aries shortly after midnight. It will be mid to late afternoon before the Moon arrives in Aquarius. The Aquarius Moon has to contend with the Sun and Venus in Cancer this evening and tonight. Aquarius and Cancer seldom see eye to eye because their priorities are profoundly different. Aquarius looks after humanity as a whole while Cancer focuses on the family unit. Cancer interfaces with others through feelings and intuition, and Aquarius is probably the most detached of the air signs who seldom considers how to factor in emotions. The morning is good for working with existing projects but I’d hold off on getting serious about starting something new until tomorrow. 🌠☾♑➱☾♒🌠

Big news is Mercury in Gemini squaring Jupiter in Virgo at 16°. After today the whole mutable muddle starts to clear and dissipate. Elsa Elsa came up with a great term for this square . . . braggadocio. She also said this was better than the clueless, deluded energy that has had people lecturing others about things they know nothing about. I’ve been having to put up with this far too much lately from family members and am more than ready for a change. Overnight tonight Mercury will be inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn who may demand an accounting from Mercury and that will probably not go over well. Be careful about validating information before you share it.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aquarius © Yuhon


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