Dive into Pisces’s waters today under the Pisces Moon 6-25-2016


Tide is in now under the Pisces Moon aspecting the Sun and Venus in Cancer the first part of the day. We might as well start getting used to swimming through the depths because it will be a few weeks before we start to dry out. Except for a square to Saturn in fiery Sagittarius late this afternoon, today is all about living in a watery world. Use intuition to navigate rather than intellect . . . the results should prove much better. The Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune late today, giving us a time out from the cold, cruel world. Social activities with family look promising for the day but by evening we might crave solitude over company. 🌠☾♓🌠

F.Y.I. By this time next week, there will be no planets in air because Mercury will have left Gemini for Cancer on Wednesday (the same day Mars in Scorpio stations direct). These periods when we have nothing in air except the Moon require conscious effort to remain objective and take a step back to gain better perspective. One of the things about Mercury in the water signs is they often have the ability to make intuitive leaps to the right answer. This drives more linear thinkers right up the wall because they want to see each step in getting there . . . the old right brain-left brain dilemma.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Pisces © Anna Keibler

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