What’s up for the weekend – Moon in Virgo + Moon in Libra 7-9 & 7-10-2016

rich sunflower 490 px

*I have company this weekend so this post will cover both days*

Saturday finds the Virgo Moon back on track for the most part and ready to focus on getting us better organized. A sextile to Mercury in Cancer gets her day off to a good start, helping clear our minds after yesterday’s run in with Neptune and Saturn. Mid-day she’s energized by a sextile to Mars in Scorpio but has to endure interruptions late afternoon when Uranus in Aries pokes at her. The day ends well with a sextile to sweet Venus in Cancer, after which the Moon will be void-of-course until very, very early on Sunday. 🌠☾♍🌠

We are blessed with an amiable Libra Moon on Sunday, and since there are no aspects to disturb her desire for peace and harmony all should be good. The first aspect the Libra Moon will make is a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius Sunday night. This is the best day this weekend to spend time with loved ones or enjoying a much needed break. Surround yourself with beauty if at all possible. 🌠☾♎🌠

We do have a couple of positive aspects this weekend. Saturday night the Cancer Sun will be sextile Jupiter in Virgo, perfect for making healthy attitude adjustments. Life usually does go more smoothly if we can find something to smile about. Sunday we have help articulating our feelings when Mercury in Cancer makes a harmonious trine to Mars in Scorpio. Both of these aspects should improve the atmosphere at any social events you may have planned to attend, or for an evening out with your sweetheart. Enjoy your weekend!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sunflower © Diane Lang


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