Week of July 11, 2016

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We have another week of mixed messages. Uranus in Aries is making a nuisance of its self squaring Mercury in Cancer on Monday, making the final inconjunct to Mars in Scorpio on Wednesday and squaring the Cancer Sun on Saturday. On the bright side, both Venus and Mercury enter Leo the first of the week, adding warmth and lifting our spirits.

Venus enters Leo and puts on her party clothes late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, turning on the glamour and opening our hearts. When Mercury leaves Cancer on Wednesday and joins her, the charm offensive really begins! These two will conjoin exactly on Saturday at 06° Leo, and those who are lucky enough to have personal planets or Ascendant in the fire signs from 5° to 7° should have a great weekend. Leo at its best urges us to celebrate life, and sometimes that is the best antidote when we feel like we’re drowning in grim news.

Last week Mercury conjoined the Sun in Cancer and both opposed Pluto. By Monday Mercury has pulled far enough ahead of the Sun that it catches up to square Uranus in Aries. We could take ourselves and others by surprise at what pops out of our mouths Monday, and those words may have a very sharp pinch to them. It will be Saturday before the Sun finally squares Uranus and pushes us to assert our independence with little thought to other people’s feelings. As with any Uranus aspect, there are those who need an extra push to finally make a much needed clean break, so Uranus transits do have an upside. Thankfully after this week it will be quite awhile before we have another round of cardinal crunch aspects except for the fleeting ones we experience weekly when the Moon is in the cardinal signs.

An aspect that has turned out to be quite challenging is the inconjunct between Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries makes its last hurrah this week. Mars in Scorpio finally leaves his station degree on Monday and the exact inconjunct at 24° is on Wednesday.

Mars is beginning to pick up speed by the end of the week which ought to help. Not only that but he is part of a Grand Trine in water on the weekend with the Cancer Sun and Chiron in Pisces. Perhaps this will inspire us to initiate the healing process with ourselves and our loved ones. Forgiveness is a process that needs to begin with ourselves before it can spread outwards to others in our lives.

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The Libra Moon’s busy time on Monday is before the day starts in the USA. By mid-morning she gets her monthly square to Pluto in Capricorn out of the way and makes no other aspects until late afternoon when her square to the Cancer Sun marks the second quarter of the Moon’s cycle. I’m thinking the tone on Monday may be somewhat touchy but if we make an effort to practice civility and fairness, the Libra Moon will happily support us.

On Tuesday the most challenging aspects to the Libra Moon take place before dawn and her square to Mercury in Cancer midmorning is the start of a void-of-course lasting until mid-afternoon. The Moon-Mercury square brings out people’s snarky side on emotional issues, so prepare to duck if you let fly. Once the Moon enters Scorpio mid-afternoon, she will promptly square Venus in Leo. Now that looks a lot like jealousy issues to me. Venus in Leo can be a flirt and the Scorpio Moon can be on the possessive side!

The Moon drifts quietly along in reserved Scorpio Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday before she makes a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces followed by a late night sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Both aspects are good for maintaining an even keel emotionally. This is good because Wednesday night is when the final Mars-Uranus inconjunct occurs.

Thursday is not too bad until late afternoon when the Scorpio Moon conjoins Mars and is inconjunct Uranus in Aries. Hopefully the fireworks this may cause will be flare up and die down quickly, thanks to a trine to Chiron in Pisces later in the day.

We wake up to an upbeat Sagittarius Moon in Friday who is delighted to find Mercury and Venus in Leo waiting to play with her that morning. If we are willing to follow the Sagittarius Moon’s lead and look on the bright side, this could turn out to be a very pleasant day. The Moon won’t conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces until late in the night.

Saturday the Moon makes no aspects until she is square Jupiter in Virgo late afternoon/early evening. No reason to be concerned about the Sagittarius Moon squaring her ruler because other than encouraging us to over-indulge, there is no harm intended. The Moon goes void-of-course following an exuberant trine to Uranus in Aries in the middle of the night and she won’t reach earthy Capricorn until midday Sunday. Sunday’s sky is quiet and more conducive to relaxation than Saturday, making it a good time to gather our thoughts and prepare for the following week.

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Hang in there because Mars IS gaining traction moving forward and it won’t be long before he finally leaves Scorpio (August 2) for a couple of years. This is the last week we’ll have Uranus in Aries pushing cardinal planets around for a month or so and the next time Mars aspects Uranus he will be in fiery Sagittarius. The potential to leave hurt feelings is still strong this week though Venus and Mercury leaving sensitive Cancer for fiery Leo will help in that regard. For fire signs the default response to someone hurting them or their loved ones is anger, not tears. Be kind, practice patience and above all promote tolerance instead of divisiveness. Peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Hydrangeas © Diane Lang