Week of July 18, 2016

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We are on the way to Leo Season this week; it arrives on Friday, July 22. The Sun loves coming home to Leo and as a consequence infuses each day with its bright, shiny energy. But before we get there we need to navigate the last few days of Cancer Season which includes a potent Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday.

Mercury and Venus in Leo take turns this week triggering the Saturn-Neptune square, something with a very different feel compared to when both were in Cancer and crossed paths with Saturn and Neptune. This time Saturn in fiery Sagittarius receives the kisses from Mercury on Monday night and Venus on Wednesday. Saturn gently but firmly set boundaries for Mercury and Venus which is great for our love lives. Creative projects thrive under this influence too. Hey, we can still color within the lines and make art we really love!

The inconjuncts to Neptune in Pisces are a different story. Neptune-Mercury aspects are tricky at best and with the inconjunct between Leo and Pisces, stories can get more farfetched with each telling. Mercury is inconjunct Neptune on Tuesday shortly after the Full Moon. When Neptune starts whispering in Venus in Leo’s ear, glamorous illusions blossom and flourish. You might want to take another look at your exciting new lover in cold, harsh daylight before taking the relationship to the next step. Venus will be inconjunct Neptune on Thursday.

Pluto in Capricorn steps up to interfere with Mercury and Venus later in the week. Here again both planets are inconjunct and Leo seldom deals well with Capricorn either. Highflying Leo does not always appreciate more straight-laced Capricorn. However Pluto in Capricorn will bring Mercury and Venus in Leo back into reality after their flirtation with Neptune earlier in the week. I doubt if Pluto will be gentle with us either. Mercury will be inconjunct Pluto on Friday and Venus’s turn comes on Sunday.


Monday and Tuesday when the Moon is in Capricorn are the last days when earth and water signs will be in charge. After that we slowly but surely begin to feel the shift away from water to fire.

What the Capricorn Moon does is get the work week off to a good start. Capricorn has a keen understanding of prioritizing and we’ll see that in action on Monday. A sextile to Neptune in Pisces makes it easier to remember to be polite and why good manners can ease tense situations. The Moon will conjoin Pluto during the early evening, and a trine to Jupiter in Virgo during the night breaks the tension before the Moon squares Uranus in Aries mid-morning on Tuesday.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in Capricorn and when we’ll notice the role Mars in Scorpio plays on that lunation. Mars is sextile the Moon shortly before it is full. This is a very good time to observe how we really feel about people and situations because we may be called upon to decide whether or not to we need to eliminate them from our lives. The atmosphere will begin to ease Tuesday evening after the Moon enters cool, airy Aquarius.

Our interactions with friends and colleagues may be more convivial than usual Wednesday. The Aquarius Moon is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and then opposes Venus in Leo during the afternoon. If you need to schedule staff meetings or perhaps a working lunch, Wednesday is a good day for that. Late evening the Moon will oppose Mercury in Leo, good for late night chats.

For the most part, on Thursday the Aquarius Moon will less comfortable. With the exception of a sextile to Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, in the late afternoon, the atmosphere will range from getting hung up over petty details in the morning (Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Virgo) to potential arguments in the evening (Moons square Mars in Scorpio). This is one of those days when cutting everyone some slack might be wise.

By the time we wake up Friday morning, the Sun will officially arrive in Leo and the Moon will have drifted into Pisces. The Pisces Moon will make no aspects until evening when she triggers the Saturn-Neptune by squaring Saturn first before conjoining Neptune. Tuning into our intuition is both easier and very helpful when the Moon is in sensitive Pisces, and doing so Friday should make the day run much more smoothly.

Depending on what we have planned for Saturday, the Pisces Moon can help or hinder. Right off hand it looks like a better day to run off and play than to work around the house. The fallback plan whenever the Moon is in Pisces is the way to go . . . that being to stay loose and be flexible.

Sunday brings the Aries Moon and with the Sun newly arrived in Leo, it ought to feel like we have an opportunity for a fresh start. With six planets in fire signs, we’ll know for sure it’s a whole different world out there. The Aries Moon will be trine the Leo Sun in the morning and Saturn in Sagittarius late in the evening. Soak up the warmth and enthusiasm!


We move from Yin to Yang this week, from Cancer’s waters to Leo’s fiery warmth. Earth and water are the dominate elements on Monday and by the following Sunday, fire is clearly in charge. While the energy is far less contentious than last week, we still have some interesting challenges to work through . . . the Full Moon in Capricorn being one of them. Be well and practice kindness.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sunflowers for Leo Season © Diane Lang

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